British Army.

29-03-2019 17:03

First word at one. Lost my first tooth at four. Relationship at seven. Met my best friend at ten. Sixth form at sixteen. Enlistment at nineteen. Iraq at twenty-two. Nightmares until the day I die. Born in Belfast. Made in the British Army.

With their carefully tailored advertisements, they tell us we won’t be ‘made’ until we join them. We can be born in Britian, but we won’t have lived until we’ve blown up a Syrian child. Our lives will never be complete until we are one of them. Which why my blood boils with anger when I hear we’re going to be forced to listen to their shite in a school setting – in the same manner in which they teach us about universities.

It’s very clearly not a secret that I despise them with every single fibre of my being and to think that they’re being brought into a school to tell seventeen year old children that the military is a viable career path is absolutely revolting. I can’t be a filmmaker but sure enough I can join the army and get myself killed before I’ve had the chance to live.

On a overcast Wednesday afternoon, 80 teenage girls were fed carefully crafted half truths and propaganda, and expected to just leave it there. They dodged important questions and favoured only the ones that gassed them up. They let on that it was more than just war. That they help people too!! “It’s not all just guns and bullets!!” You can be a chef or play music!! Yet they failed to mention they ship the lot out to active war zones whenever suits.

“Only 10% of army personnel are women!” they told us in a shameful attempt to get us to enlist. Enlist because of feminism. Enlist because you are equal to men. Enlist because it’ll make us feel better if our male:female kill ratio is even. Enlist because we don’t have enough people to send into warzones to serve our hateful agenda.

Again, the working and lower classes were targeted. “We can pay for your university!” A disgusting phrase that was uttered time and time again. Why is the army permited enough funds that they can pay for university education in a ploy to get poor kids to sign up when the government can’t even afford to give people basic benefits? Why is that sickening institution allowed to advertise to children?

A series of British YouTube stars made videos where they were PAID by the army to promote enlistment. These YouTube stars have audiences of actual real children. Not teenagers. Children from ages (approximately) seven and up. Yummy Mummies will let their precious babies watch advertisements that tell them to join the RAF for shits and giggles but won’t let them play an hour of Call of Duty for the fear it will turn them into insenced murderers – how desperately ironic.

To be technical, psychologist Albert Bandura conducted an experiment (later dubbed the ‘Bobo Doll Experiment’) in which he was successfully able to demonstrate that when a child sees an adult behaving in a certain way, they are likely to mimic it. While this evidence is conclusive for the real world, it is not, nor is there any other evidence suggesting, that video games are the cause for anyone violent tendancies.

This is relevant as we can see in our society that there is a deep, deep love for the army – no matter your nationality. Countries will always love their army. This happens because children see how their parents react to the army, and they copy it. They think it is good because they trust their parents and they will pass this trait onto their children too. This will go on until someone breaks the cycle and ends the naivety.

Yet when children play violent video games, they are able to move on with their day and stop thinking about it when they finish playing it; this is because it is not real people that they are watching behave. They are characters and they know they’re characters as they are just usernames and avatars that the children themselves create. Their brains are not being polluted with propaganda at this stage – they are just having some 21st Century fun.

I have such issues with the way the British Army advertises and promotes to people – specifically minors – due to the very nature of the institution. They storm into territory to ‘lend a hand’, then commit attrocities and face no consequences.

28th July 1914. The Great War breaks out. An evil establishment forced poor, young men to die in a meaningless war and claimed it was for king and country. Entire friendgroups wiped out because they were encouraged to join a ‘pals batallion’. Men fighting a war they didn’t understand. A war they could have ended Christmas Eve 1914 because of a simple football match. A war they were forced to continue because the Brits stuck their nose into other people’s business.

13th April 1919. Amristar Masacre. Gunmen fired 1650+ rounds into a crowd of peaceful protestors who were protesting the British government’s forced conscription of Indian soldiers and the heavy war tax imposed against the Indian people. At least 379 people were murdered. Hundreds more were injured.

30th January 1972. Bloody Sunday. British soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians who were marching in protest of internment. The Widgery Tribunal of the same year took the side of the Army and was altered to suit the British version of events. It was not until 1998 that the Saville Inquiry was established to properly look into what happened. 2010 before it was published and the Prime Minister formally apologised. 2019 before ONE of seventeen paratroopers involved was investigated and charged. 47 years and still a dwindling lack of justice.

20th March 2003. The war in Iraq formally begins. The British public protests this senseless and unjust war but PM Tony Blair continues to ignore them. Countless war crimes were committed in the six years Britian spent in Iraq – including the murder of fifteen year old Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali, who was forced into a dirty canal while British troops laughed as he drowned. Four soldiers were subsequently charged with manslaughter but cleared at courts martial in 2006. Because the British Army doesn’t face consequences.

To this day the British Army refuse to focus money on rebuilding poor, devolved communities and instead target lower and working class men and women and convince them that they have no other choice but to join the army or face homelessness or a lower standard of living.

These are the reasons I cannot and will not EVER support the British Army. This is my opinion and it doesn’t have to be yours – but I truly hope it is.

Any association with an institution like this one, infantry or otherwise, guarantees that your hands are filthy with the blood of millions of human lives.