MPU6050 Newbie References and Questions

16-03-2019 06:03

MPU6050 Newbie References and Questions

I googled and found a blog site by BitiFly with python examples on how to use MPU6050. I think it is good for newbies. I also found a python library by Tijnadgamer but I do’t find enough documentation for newbies. So I will first try the BitiFly’s examples. 

Interfacing Raspberry Pi and MPU-6050 (Using Python) – BitiFly 2013nov06 … -6050.html

mpu6050 Python Module – Tijndagamer 2018jul29

MPU6050 Newbie Question

MPU 6050 Accelorometer Gyroscope code is giving me an angle of 75 degrees when it’s suppose to be 90 degrees – asked Dec 21 ’18 at 6:25 Carlos Robin Alvarenga