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11-01-2019 19:01

January 11, 2019 LEWISTON, NY— The Cheeky Wolf Company

Paul and Michelle Jeffs of historic, Lewiston, NY are the owners and manufacturers of The Cheeky Wolf Company— Premium & All Natural Dog Products, a passion in which embodies all that a business should – a mission, a goal, quality products and exceptional service.

Marketplace Demand— one of the first things we found important when starting a business is the significance of creating products that tailor the market’s everyday needs. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, so you can imagine the vast population that is saturated with dog lovers.

The Beginning— the branding “Cheeky” came from Paul’s British background and the concept was inspired, in part, by their rather ‘cheeky’ dog, Liberty Bell, also known as Libby and The Official Taste Tester of The Cheeky Wolf Company. We wanted to create a premium, plant based product-line containing no artificial components, harmful preservatives or toxic chemicals with zero compromise. We tapped into the growing trends of pet owner’s call for superior, all natural ingredients that solely focuses on supporting the health, wellness and longevity of our canine’s lives.

Our Mission—to fulfill our promise by delivering quality products and service, while continuing to spread pet heath and wellness awareness. We know how important it is to keep our pets feeling happy and healthy, naturally; the way Mother Nature intended. We will always have your loved one’s well being at heart.

Our Goal— continue to meet market demand and produce nutritionally well-balanced dog products. We are always on the hunt to obtain advanced opportunities. Building new relationships and exploring diverse networks is something we strive to maintain, as we feel it is crucial for our business to expand and grow.

Our Products— due to an overwhelming high demand, we are just a few paw prints away from offering organically USA grown CBD Oil. We currently offer: Healing Hemp Paw/Snout Balm, Multi Purpose Essential Oil Tick/Flea/Mosquito Repellent & Deodorizer Spray, Super Nutritional Dog Biscuits fortified with Hemp & Seaweed, Premium & All Natural Dog Treats enhanced with Ginger, Beet Root & Pumpkin and our Daily Nutritional Supplements: Dried Seaweed and 100% Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, which are vitally important.

Outrageously Healthy. Deliciously Healthy— this defines our two signature ingredients that are proven to be extraordinarily nutritional: Hemp Seeds and Seaweed, both widely known for both their ‘super food’ and therapeutic attributes; supporting cardiovascular function, strong bones, optimal oral hygiene, joint mobility, physical stamina, healthy skin, immunity and overall body function. Seaweed is the natural leader for maintaining fresher breath, as it fundamentally gets to the root of the cause. The diverse health benefits of hemp and seaweed led to the creation of The Cheeky Wolf Company’s Super Nutritional All-Natural Dog Biscuits.

Nutrition is Important. Taste is too— which is why we chose ingredients that each contain multiple essential vitamins and minerals, offering an abundance of nutrition and flavor. We do not use any artificial additives or sweeteners. All our products are naturally preservative-free and we adhere to these strict guidelines. Baked fresh daily to ensure our quality standards are met and satisfy both ends of the leash.

From head to paw— the undeniably powerful hemp plant is also found in our Healing Paw & Snout Balm, containing over 50% organically processed cold-pressed hemp seed oil. It truly is nature’s top pick.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits— when applying hemp balm topically, it acts as a barrier to help protect paws and skin from severe weather conditions leading to dry, cracked paws, snout and skin. Hemp seed oil contains anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Keeping dog’s paws healthy is critical because this is where bacteria enters and can travel throughout the body, causing ongoing issues, such as; yeast infections, excessive gnawing due to fungus build up, irritability, infections, discomfort and pain. Our formula heals and nourishes damaged cell tissue. Try it— The Proof is in The Paw. Additionally, our hemp seed oil food supplement helps hydrates the skin and joints when taken orally. Great for arthritic dogs and those who possess dry, itchy, odor related symptoms.

Distribution—we continue to reach new dog homes each and everyday, as we proudly distribute throughout USA and beyond.

We Want To Meet You— we are always seeking events to participate in; whether it be holiday or farmer markets, supporting a pet rescue organization, or seasonal festivals— we are open to new ideas.

We Want To Hear From You— be sure to connect with us through social media and keep up-to-date on upcoming announcements, new products, event venues, promotions and more. We welcome photos and feedback.

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Paul & Michelle Jeffs