let’s talk about endgame

22-06-2019 18:06

before we start: massive spoilers yall lmao what tf did u think was gonna happen?

oh boy okay – big oof yall, i Loved endgame so mcfreakin much, u don’t even know. the actions scenes were so compelling and when u deep everything u get real sad.

how all the avengers pulled up to the final battle of earth.

i was so mesmerised by it both times i saw it. like, when cap summoned
mjölnir i jumped out of my seat and squealed, the audience went Mad! that’s the effect this movie has on us. it was so amazing. and cap’s “avengers…ASSEMBLE!” ugh! his Mind! the icon really Jumped out, huh.

@mcu u’ve never heard of having mercy and it shows

i dont think i’ll ever be as excited for another movie ever again as i was for endgame. like, i walked out of the cinema feeling all sorts of things. like, the mcu really had me feeling every emotion there ever was. it’s also one of the funnier marvel movies and it’s damn sure right to be. it really had me creasing and im so grateful for the balance of comedy and intense, dramatic, depressing scenes. like, trust them to go all “that is america’s ass!” on me and then show nat kick-pushing herself off of a mountain while one of her oldest friends watches…right after she quotes vision’s “it’s okay”…right after they both battle to be the one to sacrifice themselves, not knowing if it would even work and not ever getting to say a Real goodbye to their friends and family…ugh, im so Sad!

also omg! the soundtrack mcfreakin slaps. like, on god it is one of the best pieces of music i’ve ever heard in my entire life. then again, i am dramatic but i beg u all take my word for it n go listen to it and cry. the soundtrack hit me hard as well bc i listened to it almost immediately i had watched the movie for the second time within a space of three days, so i could clock some songs and match them to the scene. like, the scene where black widow dies is, i think, the same or Very similar music to what’s played over gamora’s death scene in infinity war. and in the music u just know when the get yeeted (or yeet themselves for that matter) and then when the camera pans out to their dead lifeless bodies ugh thank u marvel for killing off ur fan faves ugh ur mind! im jk.

however, whereas endgame is an Amazing movie and arguably one of the best, if not The Best marvel film as according to some people… i had Several problems with it. now bc i have an opinion on everything and was so far up my own ass to start my own blog of just my own opinions lol we love that for me, im gonna share them lol

im deeping that thor plays fortnite and i just-

okay, so let’s just start with the obvious… what the Fuck thor? or, more accurately, what the Fuck russo brothers? you had my mans up there looking useless for over half the film! like lol okay, in thor’s defence he did lose his homeland, his people, his hammer, his will to live, his brother, his father, his pride, his hair and his best friend All in the space of like a week (thats hella tough though lol, can my mans not catch a break?) and then at last! he decapitates thanos! ngl but if that was shaggy, he would’ve used .34 per cent of his power and immediately thanos would’ve exploded, but that’s just my opinion. but then he literally just fucks off to new asgard (of which the intro to was the cutest thing ever seeing professor hulk b so content with himself) and only comes out Once a month for the past five mcfuckin years for beer. and,, ur really trying to tell me that the baddest bitch, valkyrie, would have just Let him?? are you really trying to convince me that valkyrie wouldn’t have told him to get his shit together? after Five fuckin years? that really sounds hard to believe, just off of her character. they didn’t escape sakaar and have one of the most high stakes fights with hela who destroyed all of valkyrie’s women warriors who she fought alongside – having one even take the literal heat for her and dying in the process – Then see essentially all of asgard’s people be destroyed by a giant, lethal, purple “perpendicular grape in need of chapstick and a heart”, Then survive the decimation and have thor straight up murk thanos a few weeks later, just to have thor continue to feel sorry for himself for the next Five years and effectively abandon his people and what he fought for. i dont believe valkyrie would just watch thor do nothing but drink and play fortnite.

how thor was looking in That scene before he spoke about the infinity stones

throughout the whole movie i was just waiting for them to put thor back together again. the portrayal of him being bruised and broken to the point where he can’t even listen to thanos’ name being spoken was so heartbreaking, but ultimately, i wanted the writers to get thor back to himself after a while. for him to get a mcfreakin haircut, shave his beard, lay off all the alcohol, and get him so that he can put up an fight with thanos sans the infinity stones. although, i get Why they did that. in order to a. provide comedic relief – which is actually quite fuckin shit of them tbh bc depression n ptsd shouldn’t be used as some tool to make the audience laugh, if they were gonna insist on putting thor through this they gotta follow through and make him deal rather than write him off as just some funny guy and make his trauma a joke – otherwise endgame would’ve been 3 and half hours of pure pain and tragedy (not that it wasnt but lol at least they tried to put some effort into making us laugh) and b. make us to really understand the extent to which thanos fucked Everybody over. even a lord god. of thunder. who is 1000s of years old. however, jokes get old and the audience begins to yearn for the ‘old’ thor, but not thor thor, or the dark world thor, more like ragnarok thor bc he is the Best and funniest thor but :// yanno. especially after rocket slaps him back into reality. they all lost people. they all lost their friends and family. thor isnt the only one. the least he could do is actually get it together – or try to – and help the team get back what they ‘only kinda’ lost. even if it’s hard. even if he doesn’t feel like there’s any hope. they owe it to each other as well as everybody else who didnt survive the decimation. plus the thor we have gotten the privilege of knowing and loving wouldnt be so self-absorbed in that sense. like lol, we did this arc in the first thor movie, let’s try not to repeat ourselves here, beloved.

they made a whole thing of him not being who he is Supposed to be, but rather succeeding at being who he Really is. i dont think we saw who he really is in endgame. sure, he came through in the end, he was brave and set aside his grievances to fight the fight, but i still think that the writers didnt do him and all his character development over the years justice.

in conclusion, nobody is allowed to touch thor apart from taika waititi.

now the more subtle but just as annoying plot: what the Fuck loki?? i have several things to say. okay so first: thor walked past his dead brother’s jail cell – who thanos killed in right front of him btw, and and rudely yeeted his limp body in front of thor whilst he was restrained n couldn’t step in or protest – And he just didnt say a single word. he didn’t even acknowledge him. loki really getting aired out here lol. i think it’s important that they address the whole thor n loki mess seeing as loki was Murdered by thanos whereas frigga was not. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely Loved the thor n frigga scene and it really warmed my heart – but it would have made a lot of sense for thor to have present day interactions with his brother especially after his redemption in infinity war through saving thor from thanos trying to kill him n his death trying to kill thanos.

me deeping that loki really turned up in present-day endgame ://

ah, now the killing thanos bit – yeah this is infinity war stuff but it’s relevant. okay bet, so ur telling me And expecting me to listen too that loki, the god of Mischief, is gonna try n kill thanos with a damn near butterknife. after knowing of how thanos’ genocidal self wipes out entire planets, u want me to believe that loki just whips out a knife no longer than his forearm and expects That to kill thanos dead, who he also Just witnessed beat down the incredible hulk who loki, himself, believed proved worthy enough to be a match for thanos? look, i know loki is arrogant as hell but he’s not an idiot. he is the god of mischief ffs. are u also expecting me to believe that thanos would pick him up with no effort and loki, the god of mischief, would just let him? so loki wouldn’t pull a Loki and mess with thanos’ perception? he! is! the! god! of! mischief! i really hope that they Weren’t expecting us to just believe that, bc almost zero marvel fans did. it was a completely out of character death that had us waiting for his appearance in endgame in the present day, not worried that he was really dead at all.

loki is deadass denied his existence in infinity war n endgame. thor doesnt so much as say his name in the present day. he dies in the first fifteen minutes of endgame. hor all of a sudden only wants his mum back after losing loki – who stepped in and posted up to a whole titan – to a giant murderous jellybean Just after he’d already lost everything And just got loki back after thinking him dead from the events of the dark world. he was the first Big Bad the avengers had and nobody even says his name.

and then in endgame, where he turns up in 2012 and yoinks the tesseract and takes his horse to the old town road and rides until he cant no more away from the avengers. so we just Not gonna address that? so, obviously (or not), he’s alive in an alternate timeline but uhhhhhhhhh lol doing what? some theorise that it’s a set up for his tv show but then that sounds too perfect but then again they did show the pic of peggy in cap’s pocketwatch like twice to set up his ending which was also too perfect n infuritating lol but we’ll get to that later. anyway, this is making me Big mad bc loki and tom hiddleson deserve better. like loki steals the show whenever he is in a scene, let’s be honest.

this is loki erasure and i will not stand for it..but :// it just b like that sometimes i guess

oh boy, now onto my mans, steve ‘fuck the government’ rogers. ive said it before, and i’ll say it again… complete character assassnation. okay so whew chile, the Disrespect i saw on my screen when cap didnt so much as look as his lifelong best friend who he lost Twice. not to mention the fact that cap fought for bucky several times, risking Everything. like, he looked the us army, the us government and the united nations all in the eye n went “nah lol fuck u, yall ever heard of Morals?” but go off i guess.

my guy also did Not bide his time from age of ultron all the way through to endgame to wield mjölnir just for his dumbass to go n retire a week later for a lady he crushed on for a hot sec just cause she was nice to him. !disclaimer! i am not anti-peggy x steve! i am anti-rushed plots/ rushed love interests and the lack of depth to relationships!

mcu, do i look like a joke to you?

now if we really wanna start at the beginning let’s start with the fact that peggy n steve literally kissed One time. in the wise words of one of my best friends “they’ve never been on a date. we’ve had no indication that they’d have been a good couple. they weren’t dating, they just had their first kiss bc steve was presumably gonna die…you would think he’s over peggy considering he kisses sharon in civil war, but i guess not bEcAuSe He’S aCtuAlLy BeEn In LoVe WiTh PeGgY tHiS wHoLe EnTiRe TiMe JuSt BeCaUsE” haha uwu lol. he got Closure from peggy! she died n he kisses her niece (which would now be his niece but im currently writing from london, not alabama so we won’t go into that). peggy told him to live his life, to move on and start over! it is heartbreaking but it’s true. “the world has changed and none of us can go back” it is canon that peggy has a whole husband and kids too like lmao she got over it. life doesnt stop. it sure as hell didnt for peggy. and you’d think that after being stuck in ice for 70 years and losing all he knew, and therefore having to adapt to a new life and a new world, cap would clock that (which he did but evidently only up until the last few moments of endgame where he makes headass movements) you would think that he would keep it stepping. and he did! like i said, he kissed her niece, he continued fighting for who and what he believed in. he gained a family with the avengers. but i guess that all means nothing to hollywood if u can sell an over-subscribed to and essentially dead at least one half of it is, but that’s not what i meant love plot. we moved on from the peggy stuff! like lmao, she deadass died n cap carried her coffin. why are we going in circles pls? that chapter ended long ago n bringing it back just to wrap up cap’s arc is really lazy n doesn’t do his character justice.

off topic but me not realising how soon this movie would make me Big sad.

as a cap stan, i would rather have im die an honourable death than watch him do what he did at the end of endgame.

it’s really Not a dispute over whether or not cap deserves a ‘happy’ ending or not. of course he does! steve ‘im with you till the end of the line’ rogers deserves the world. like lmao he’s one of my favourite mcu characters, if not my Favourite but yanno the libra really jumps out sometimes so :// it’s the fact that steve ‘even when i had nothing i had bucky” rogers Wouldn’t accept it. steve “people are gonna die buck, i can’t let that happen” rogers would die fighting for what he believed in. like, lmao if it wasnt evident in every film prior to endgame, just deep how in the battle of earth when thanos n his mandem all came to thanos’ defence n it was just captain “i know we’re not perfect, but the safest hands are our own” america standing there all alone n having been beat down by thanos and having his shield broken,, he still stands up again. he dusts himself off and walks towards thanos and his army knowing that he defo gon die today. because That is steve “i can do this all day” rogers, man. you just Know that he would try and fight all of them with or without the rest of the avengers. he also would Never abandon bucky after losing him a whole Twice. and fucking off after the biggest battle of all fuckin time would do such a disservice to tony who had That life! tony had a wife and a kid and still returned from the picket fence to help save the world. he Still chose to sacrifice his happy ending for the greater good. and it’s totally out of character that cap wouldn’t choose that too. capdoesnt even Want that anymore: “family, stablity, the guy who wanted all that went in the ice 75 years ago. i think someone else came out…im home”.

imagine going back on years worth of character development…couldn’t b me

regardless of it’s opening up a different timeline (which is exactly what he’s supposed to be Preventing but lol okay) or it not affecting the present-day or anything at all, steve would never Choose that for himself. you know, if mans wanted to have his dance, then let him have his dance…but dances dont last 70+ fuckin years.

i think that after risking it All for his best friend time and time again, the best friend who is also the only one that truly knows what it’s like to be a man from a different time and lose Everything they’ve ever known but each other, he would never willingly leave bucky for his own peace of mind but also out of respect n solidarity with bucky. and ummmmmmm ?? so bucky doesn’t deserve That life too huh? they Just got each other back! and cap’s gonna abandon him Just like that? i think the fuck Not. nice try, demon.

me running out of the cinema in the last five minutes to save myself from that fufu shit i was about to witness

also lol so u expect me to believe that cap is just gonna sit by n watch his wife run shield while hydra was infiltrating it n also live out his best life while his best friend was getting tortured n turned into a rootin tootin killing machine? i don’t think so. u can have a whole movie revolving around this one man n a whole other movie revolving around doing what’s right even when it’s hard Just to be like “haha sike! yee Haw cowboys im gonna get a wife with a lady that died years ago, who gave me closure n who i shared one single kiss with in a high-stakes, life-threatening situation just for the lolz n bants haha lol uwu x!” yeah, i dont think so. and some people have said that who’s to say he doesn’t go back in time n prevent all that shit from happening? n they’re kinda right, but the movie gives no implication of that happening nor does it serve the whole purpose of cap going back in time to return the stones in order to Not create alternate timelines n disrupt the past worlds. all they imply is that bucky knew he was going back and was gonna perhaps remain there, but they didnt show any interactions depicting them talking about it, saying goodbye, or even properly reuniting in the first place… their hug was the most half-hearted thing ever, ive seen people be more affectionate to a piece of food that’s fallen on the floor. but ugh five feet apart cause they’re not gay! i guess. marvel says they’re supposed to be best friends… then can they fucking act like it pls.

im o-fucking-ffended. so we really just Not gonna acknowledge their friendships? lol k

and uhhhhhhhh so all of steve’s friends from the present day including nat – who didn’t even get a proper burial btw but that’s a post for another time – who steve Wouldn’t let die in vain…are they not important too? are they somehow less important than a girl he kissed a world ago? if that’s the case then what was the whole point of the “im with you til the end of the line” line. u gave me heart palpitations for nothing.

in conclusion, it’s totally out of character and so unsatisfying for cap to do that. he Wouldn’t. it’s anti-climactic and character assassination at his finest.

cap is all about morality, empathy, doing what’s right, fighting for those who are weaker and smaller, dOiNg ThIs AlL dAy, and whatnot. as a character whose whole personality is based on his selflessness and justice, cap could never be That selfish.

cap said that he’s “home” now. as in home home. as in the present-day. that peggy “the world has changed, and none of us can go back” carter x steve ‘if i see a situation pointed south, i can’t ignore it” rogers’ exit was cute but lazy n unrealistic. let’s be honest. and it maddens me knowing that someone so pure of heart – someone who is such a fighter –would do that and have that be the closure they give us. zero catharsis but go off i guess.

also, lol. we aint gonna talk about the shield. yeah i can understand Why he gave i to sam n in the comics, both bucky n sam become captain amaericano. but this aint the comics and bucky was his best friend of like 100 years but go stoopid go crazy ahh i guess.

and what about it?

in conclusion, the writers of endgame really fucked over several characters who i, amongst several others, absolutely adore. while i do Love n Appreciate endgame and everybody who was involved in it’s making and their devotion to this universe, im still Big mad with how some arc’s were handled, or in this case – not handled. it’s tough being All for these characters until they do some wack shit that can’t be explained. maybe if they showed us How they got to where they got then i could maybe understand their motives n reasonings. but they didnt. and it’s already a three and a half hour film and i enjoyed 3 hours and twenty five minutes of it. anyway, i Will be watching endgame for a third time and i Will be skipping over the last five minutes.

thank you, management.