Farewell Party

19-02-2019 06:02

February 13, 2019

This was the last day we were in charge in the class. We finished the teaching demo on this day. We made a simple farewell party and invited every people. The purpose of this party was to thank for everybody for being kind, helping and supporting us on this SEA-TEACHER project. We planned to cook Indonesian food such as chicken soup, bakwan, and Indonesian super chili sauce for them. My friends and I planned went to traditional market to buy all of the ingredients such as chili, onion, ginger, carrot, cabbage, chicken, and many more. We went back to mansion and start to cook. Every person had their responsibility. I was in charge for cutting the ingredients such as chili, carrot, onion, etc. After that I helped other by cooking the rice and being a food tester. I made sambel matah. Sambel matah is one of Balinese chili sauce. Because of the limited seasoning I tried to use the existing ingredients. I put chili, onion, eggplant, oil, salt, and seasoning. I just made a little bit sambel matah because I thought nobody would like that because of it was very spicy.

At 4 pm the guests came. They came while we were still cooking. We tried to finish it as soon as possible then got dressed. Ma’am Imelda, Ma’am Jeanette, Kuya Mee Jay Domingo, Kuya Jay Pee, Karla and many more that I could not mention one by one. But, my TTI Mr. Ariston did not come because preparing for the valentine day on the next day. At 6 pm everybody already came. I surprised that there were a lot off additional food beside our cook. Kuya Domingo bought a cake. There was a writing on that cake. It was “SEA-TEACHER Farewell Party”. Everything was ready. We started it with pray first. My sambel matah was in demand. It ran out quickly. Someone even asked for more sambel matah. I should have made a big portion of it. It was a wonderful night. We ate then sing together. We spent the rest of our days happily. Thanks to MMSU for bringing us together with these kind people.