HR Strategy and Planning – Ethics and Outsourcing

16-04-2019 22:04

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Human Resource Management

”The role of HR professionals is to act as internal consultants or experts, assisting managers to do their jobs better.” (Gomez-Mejia, L.R., Balkin, D.B. and Cardy, R.L., 2016.)

Challenges of HRM:

  • Environmental
  • The internet / Technology
  • Diversity
  • Economic globalization
  • Legislation
  • Evolving work-personal roles
  • Skill shortage
  • Natural disasters & Unlawfulness

Organizational challenges:

  • Choosing a competitive positioning
  • Decentralization
  • Downsizing
  • Organizational recruiting
  • Self-managed work teams
  • The growing number of small businesses
  • Organizational culture
  • Technology
  • Outsourcing

Individual challenges:

  • Matching people w/ organization
  • Ethical treatment
  • Socially responsible behavior
  • Individual productivity
  • Empowerment of employees
  • Brain drain avoidance
  • Job insecurity

Correct strategic HR planning provides many direct and indirect benefits for companies. (Encouragement of proactive behavior, explicit communication of goals, stimulation of critical thinking and examination with identification, etc.)

Developing an effective HR strategy faces many challenges. The strategy needs to create and maintain a competitive advantage to reinforce the overall company strategy.

A firm’s strategic HR choices are the options available to it in designing its HRS, in which they have many areas to make choices.

Doing the preparation, choosing the strategies and applying/fitting them to the company’s overall strategy in a consistent matter grows the organizational capabilities and reinforces already ones. The responsibility of effective HR lies primarily with the managers.

Key Terms: BU strategy, distinctive competencies, HR audit, HR tactic, total quality management (TQM)

(Gomez-Mejia, L.R., Balkin, D.B. and Cardy, R.L., 2016.)

ETHICS: Child refugees in Turkey making clothes for UK shops

The BBC article shows the sark nature of businesses, in which unethical refugee child labor is being used to create products with pitiful wage, enormous working time and all that surrounded by health risks in the heavily polluted laundry are of Istanbul. This is unacceptable and inhuman.

(BBC News, 2018.)

Many companies tend to have relations to these kinds of places by subcontracts and act clueless about this matter, but if the company wants to prosper and manage their company ethically, they must create a strong and strict strategy, in which these kinds of relationships and jobs are avoided.

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HR Outsourcing: Quantum

Quantum is all-in-one platform #1 employee engagement software for HR professionals who want managers driving engagement in the work culture. It includes training, keeps up with the changes and the software amplifies, by prioritizes feedback in real-time, transforming the way managers lead their teams.

(Quantum Workplace, 2019.)

Strategic HR Success stories

The HR Digest news platform is meant for inspiring HR leadership worldwide and they have shared a lot of enjoyable HR stories. These stories are really good ones to learn from because they use the next strategies really well in their experiences and stories:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Enviable benefits packages
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Continuous staff training and development
  • Transparent and regular communications
  • Focus on employee wellbeing
  • Investment in corporate social responsibility
  • Employee autonomy
  • Open-door policy
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Enhanced hiring practices

(The HR digest, 2015-2018.)

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