Trunki! Review.

06-05-2019 19:05

A few weeks ago the team at Trunki sent Olivia a trunki to try out. We got the flossi flamingo one. How cute is it I just love the colours pink rose gold blue and white. It such a great size we stayed away this weekend and everything we needed fitted in to the suit case! We still had space to fit more…

Olivia loved pulling it along and riding around on it. It is such a smart little idea having the handles on the top and being able to pull it. We will definitely be using this at the weekends when we stay away as it just the perfect size, and for handle luggage on the plan. Did you no you could use the trunki as hand luggage!

Here’s Olivia taking a seat on flossi.

She loves being pulled along she laughed the whole time.

The trunki also comes with its own passport and some cute stickers to design the trunki how you like. We are saving them till Olivia understands abit more about stickers so keep a look out for when we do stick them on!

Olivia loves her trunki and so do I. Knowing all her clothes are safe and not crumpled up in a bag. You can find our flossi trunki here

Or check out there Instagram for all there other designs.


This products was gifted but all opinions are of our own.