Shaping Shoes Through Earths Natural Resources

04-05-2019 21:05

The 50thanniversary of Earth Day is over. But how has the footwear industry embraced Earth’s natural resources?

By Abigail Miller

Earth Day, started in 1970, has helped people all over the world to better value and respect our planet.

Putting environmental concerns on the front page, founder Gaylord Nelson had the idea of putting together a movement to create public consciousness about air and water pollution. In turn, it forced environmental protection onto the political agenda (Earth Day Network). 

These days, more and more people are putting sourcing and production of materials and fibres that create clothing back on the agenda. It is important to understand how the planet is being abused by the manufacturing of clothing. 

Cutting-edge minimalistic brand Coclico are a footwear brand that provide a sustainable angle to their fashionably constructed and minimalistic designed shoes. Their shoes, are simplistic and architectural shapes in neutral colours and tones. 

Everything is ethically sourced and sustainably thought out as their architectural silhouettes and classic designs incorporate wood, cork and leather, all sourced from Portugal, Spain and Germany. This in turn adds a sleek and subtle look. Each pair of shoes is constructed using recycled and renewable components such as cork and natural woods. 

“We recognise the responsibility we have to protect the planet and its society. As such, ethics and environmental responsibility are a core part of our design process, which is reflected in the style, sourcing and production,” says Jessica Fish, Retail Manager at Coclico. 

Infographic credit: Abigail Miller

A brand with a sleek and timeless aesthetic, aiming to bring both a stylish and luxurious feel to their shoes. With materials sourced locally in Europe, the brand has a family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. 

The heritage behind the brand speaks volumes to its prestigious feel and is essential to Coclico. Founder Sandra Canselier, who descends from a long line of French shoemakers, has been able to create a sustainably conscious brand. 

“The brand still reflects this heritage through its small-scale European sourcing and production, and the clean lines and elegant simplicity of the styles,” says Isabelle Falk, Sales Associate for Coclico. 

The brand themselves had a celebration of their own for this Earth Day. Using their Instagram platform to showcase types of materials they use and how their work with sustainable materials is currently helping the environment. 

For example, the woods used to make the heel of the shoe is certified with an FSC, Mark of Responsible Forestry. This ensures that all wildlife, humans and the Earth are protected in the process of logging. 

A slow production process is integral to their brand as Coclico partners with Native Energy in order to track their annual in-house carbon usage and they also invest in international renewable energy projects. 

With being “committed to the mission of conscious consumerism,” the brand say they are putting forward a “purchasing less and of higher quality” mind-set to their consumers. 

“We are proud of our sincere approach to retail… we strive to lead sourcing, production and in-house practices that we can be proud of in order to be completely open with our customers on our strong ethics.”