Monday was orgasmeriffic

18-06-2019 18:06

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I was on my back, legs wide open and He was on top fucking me when He stopped. I could tell He was thinking evil thoughts. lol, He got out the ball gag and fastened it tightly around my head, the big ball forcing my jaw open.

Then He reached down into the drawer and pulled out some straps. I waited patiently, while a bit nervously, as He strapped my wrists to my thighs, wondering what He was going to do to me.

He started fingering my already wet pussy, rubbing my clit, and when I squirted, He smiled, and told me "that's right, make it nice and wet. When I fist you-you're going to want all the lube you can get."

I moaned. I'd been fantasizing about getting fisted, but the reality is a whole different thing. OMG, His fingers were feeling big.

My next orgasm was building and there was nothing I could do about it. He grabbed my clit and pinched and I came hard and squirted again as He laughed and slid His fingers in deeper. "That's right, show me how much you wanna get fisted, slut!"

I started to thrash a bit. Unable to speak, unable to close my legs, feeling the pain of His knuckles starting to stretch me open, and cumming again squirting all over Him. Starting to feel completely out of control because I know the more I squirt the easier it's going to be to get His whole hand inside me, but still not completely convinced that I wanted to be fisted.

He leaned forward and sucked my clit while sliding His fingers back and forth. And I listened to His giggles as I squirted into His mouth. He looked up at me and said, "Silly slut, there's lube right above your head. If you really want to get fisted, you'd better find that lube."

So I reached my hands up behind me and opened the headboard door, feeling around for the lube and not finding it. Damn, it's hard to find things upside down while cumming!

Then I remembered that I hadn't put it in the right spot and if I rolled just a little I could almost reach it. Once again, He laughed at me and told me that "that sounds like a personal problem!" Damn, and it's hard to roll with 4 fingers stretching my pussy wide open! But I was on a mission because I knew that I was getting fisted.

When I was finally able to, I handed the lube to Him, He grinned. "Ah, see, she DOES want it! And she wants it baaaaaad!" And I'm thinking, wait…this was optional??? He lubed up His hand and immediately He was able to slide the whole thing in.

Easily, but it still hurt, but such an interesting hurt. That pain is so fascinating. Something about being stretched too far, a bit too fast, while being bound and helpless (mixed with a whole lot of pleasure, thank goodness for my KindLovingMaster) pushes my buttons.

Part of stalking the big orgasm, and enjoyment in thinking about it later, is the pain of it. I don't want pain for it's own sake, but if it's part of the journey to a huge, monster orgasm, well, then bring it on! And then even though I hated the pain at the time, I remember it so fondly afterward.

He started to play with my clit again, giving it a lick now and then, and I could feel the big one building. The pain slipped away and I felt my toes begin to curl, my thighs begin to tense.

Now, I know, I had a big ass ball gag wedged in my mouth, but I swear, I remember telling Him "NOW! Here it comes!" He says, I'm confusing the order of things again, because I did tell Him that at a different time. What can I say, orgasms are mind-altering and I was definitely altered. I had already had at least 6 or 7 orgasms that made me squirt and who knows how many little ones.

I was overwhelmed by this gigantic, mind-blowing orgasm. I remember my legs went stiff and my hips were lifted off the bed, while I rode His fist. Somehow in the moment, I was balanced between His fist and my back and shoulders. My bound wrists were pulling my legs up and back, while my legs tried to straighten out and close, back arching, taking me deeper onto His fist.

Wave after wave. I can remember that I wasn't very quiet about cumming, in spite of the gag. This orgasm lasted for a good three hours. Wow. All that yoga is starting to pay off! Holy shit! Three hours with my hips up in the air, holding my legs up.

Of course, He tells me it was really about two or three minutes, but damnit I was there and I know. =))

I wish every Monday were this orgasmeriffic! And, my Love, look out, cuz now I have expectations for Mondays.

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