Make It Fashion Baby

18-06-2019 00:06

One of the rare occasions I dress up..

I’m so happy to hear that people want to know about how I shop and how I put my outfits together. I am in no way a fashion expert or anything but this is just how I like to style myself. I want to make this clear, I dress how I want for myself, not for attention from boys or likes on instagram, I dress how I feel comfortable to! And I believe everyone should do the same. You do you boo. Also let me tell you, outfit repeating is okay!!

The photo on the left is a “normal” outfit for me, and this is how I post it on instagram, I don’t overly tend to post full outfit/body pictures for my timeline I normally post it on my stories and I tag the brands I am wearing sometimes. Fun fact: the body suit i’m wearing in this photo is actually a swim suit. So as you can see from the photo the three brands i’m wearing are new look, missguided and primark, all very affordable brands and all of the items in this outfit you can totally wear again! I never buy an outfit or a piece of clothing that I can only wear once, if i know it’ll not match anything in my wardrobe I don’t buy it. Be real with yourself, if you know you’re just buying it for the sake of it, don’t put yourself out of money for something you’re buying on a whim. Again, on the right hand side photo all very affordable brands, and using new look again, I do really like new look you can get some great pieces from there that is good quality and within a good price range. The most expensive piece between them two photos is my converse, but I would highly recommend spending £55 on a pair of converse, they are a great pair of runners that go with nearly every outfit. They are great to make something like a mid length skirt look casual but still as if you have made an effort. Also they are super comfy! I definitely recommend spending a little bit more money on footwear, you walk on your feet everyday so why would you hurt them by buying cheaper shoes?

Comfy Clothes

Here is a few examples of some comfy outfits I’ve worn over the past year. Other comfy clothes I wear day to day is: grey sweats, strappy tops, hoodies & oversized tees (I have lots of them) This is such an easy topic to talk about, because it’s based around your comfort. But as you can see from the three photos they are all different types of comfy outfits, starting from the left photo. This outfit is an oversized tee tied up into a cropped style, matched with Adidas track bottoms, vans and topped off with a teddy jacket and sunglasses. This is a good way to be comfy when you have to go out and go about your day, but you don’t want to look like a slob. The middle photo was when I was at the caravan with my family, this outfit looks more sporty and is better when you’ve some running about to do, and when you’ve younger siblings trust me there is a lot of running about at a caravan holiday! Lastly, this third outfit is for lounging. I had just came home from a long day at work and just wanted to make some food, turn on netflix and get into bed. Personally I love the bralet and hippy pants combo for lounging, super chill.

Everyday Outfits

As you can see here there are a lot of similar themes appearing: checked trousers, layers, coated jeans, runners and doc martens. These are some everyday outfits I would wear for casual day time actives, such as: band practice, college, family gatherings, shopping and seeing my friends. If you have a similar sense of style as me you need to get into layering, it is a game changer to your wardrobe. Having one or two long sleeve patterned tops to wear under some band tees in autumn is my favourite thing! Another thing I like to do with tshirts is rolling them up to make them into cropped shirts, this is a fun way to add a bit of shape to your outfit. I’m a short curvy girl, so sometimes wearing baggy hoodies and shirts makes me look shorter and bigger than I am, so rolling up a tshirt shows off your curves but keeps it casual. A tip for trying to incorporate different and funky pieces into your everyday outfits, raid your grandparents wardrobes and charity shops! You’ll find some cool pieces that no one else has.

Dinner/Drinks Outfits

This is a category I struggle with sometimes, casual but still nice and still looking like myself. This is when you start to see my outfits becoming more girly. Again I like to be comfortable and still in my comfort zone, all of the clothes in these photos you can wear casually as well. Between the everyday section and this one, you can see I get good use out of my clothes and style it up or down. Everything is reusable. In this section you can see, denim skirts, body-cons, flared trousers, and the coated jeans again (these are my most used item at the moment, looks like you’ve put in more effort than just wearing jeans and are very flattering for my figure) and all paired with band tshirts and plain tops!

Gigging Outfits

This is when I am dressed like myself and dress however I want. I am most confident in this category. Being a musician and having loads of talented musician friends you’ll find I spend more time in bars at gigs than at nightclubs. This is the time I am comfortable but still feel like I’m killing it. It’s the combination of comfort and cool. For me I tend to go with black clothes for gigs, not intentionally but it just works out that way haha, then add a pop of colour sometimes and have my makeup slaying. My go to, is an all black outfit with bright colourful makeup. Cargo trousers are the way forward for gigs, and whatever tshirt with it. My mum calls my cargo trousers “fall out boy” trousers haha! but that’s kind of the vibe we want for gigs I guess.

Going “out out” Outfits

Now this is the hardest section for me without a doubt about it, from seeing the photos above you can see I dress like an emo boy as some of my friends have pointed out! So the thought of having a dressed up night out gives me anxiety. And sometimes I think this surprises people because I do “going out” makeup quite often, but its certainly the opposite. What I find hard about it is I still want to look like myself, I like to stand out and not blend in and I find sometimes on normal clothes websites that everyone ends up buying the same thing. I don’t care what people think about the way I dress at all because its no one else concern, I just want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. And that would always be my main tip to anyone for any section, if you look in the mirror and like what you see… wear it! I’ve found if I’m going on a big night out and I can’t decide what I want to wear, I gather my options, show them to someone in my family and get their opinion, then I ask a guy friend what they think too, I’ve found by asking them you are guaranteed to get an honest answer. Your family, and guy friends can be brutally honest and sometimes you need that. But if you are going shopping for a big night out, go with the girls, not only is it more fun, sometimes you need another girls opinion and a fresh set of eyes, sometimes you can end up getting something you wouldn’t normally.

Two piece suit as seen in my going out section from stradivarious

That is all the category’s for me to best describe my style. This is also the longest blog I’ve probably written so far so I hope you enjoy it. If fashion is something you want to see more of please tell me on my instagram and I can post more about it. The final tip I want to give you all is, wear whatever you want to wear! I have always dressed a bit different to “normal” girls, yes not all of my outfits have been on point but it helped me to find what I like on myself. My style has certainly been a journey, and a lot of that journey has been to do with my confidence. I didn’t overly take many outfit photos before as I didn’t feel like I looked good enough for people to care what I’m wearing. But in the last year my confidence has really bloomed and now I know there is an interest out there for what clothes I’m wearing I will talk about it more. Your style shows most when you’re confidence shines through it.