May 14 th. Bye. Bye. Little Benton.

23-05-2019 22:05

Today we left Charlotte. Hard to say goodbye to Trevor , Alyssa and Benton. They are such calm first time parents. And he is so chill because of that. I think I made more noise over his spitting up on me. We are heading to Nashville. Here we come Two Rivers Rv Park. And time with Courtney (Matthews)Clariday and her family. And so happy to see Felicia.

We hit the ground running once we arrived. We set up camp then drove over to the Grand Ole Opry to see if we could get tickets to a show ( that night) . Yes, we did get tickets, great seats and a fantastic line up. From Hunter Hayes, Ghost Riders in the Sky( aunt Nancy you would have loved them. I know dad did), Rob Ickes a master do bro player , Sawyer Brown, Chris Janson( I’ll buy me a truck ; song) he plays a mean harmonica like no other. And of course the best surprise, Keith Urban. Keith and Chris did an amazing duet together. I’ll try to put a piece of it on fb. What a show put on by all of the musicians. We were so lucky .

Before the 9:30 show we walked around the Gaylord Hotel. It is massive. Waterfalls, a boat ride around their waterway, shops, dining places. Ballrooms. A water park for hotel guests. An atrium. Glass ceilings that took your breath away. Nicole and I were in a store when this guy walks in. He stands next to me , by the cash register with a $20 placed between his fingers. Just right for picking. So you know me , I gently nabbed it very quickly and said ” thanks, i could use this”. He laughed and said ” man you didn’t even skip a beat. That was so smooth.” Of course I gave it back. So you can imagine my surprise when we were at the opry and they introduced the do- bro master, hall of fame player. Yep you guessed it. The guy I hijacked the $20. from. What a fast and furious unplanned first day in Nashville.

We had a great time celebrating the day. It was Jared’s birthday. And even though he wasn’t with us we thought about him. So blessed.