The Universe is the best University

03-05-2019 14:05

Trust me, i know what am doing — universe.

The way to become one of the universe is to trust it. Trust my dear is a dangerous game. Imagine your strolling at the top of the hill, then you topple fortunate enough to catch the edge before you fall off. “Dear Lord, please help me!” you pray in despair after multiple attempts to save yourself, but in vain. Now a fairly bit like the one of miracles from heaven, you hear a voice, “LET GO” what?😳 What the…. I know, i know ( i believe in miracles though and i know anything is possible) but anyway, would you let go? this is a rhetorical question. Your answer, your truth. It takes a great amount of courage and growth to trust, making a decision to let go, and allow yourself to fall with a hope that you won’t hit the ground and ofcourse the fear of, this might be the end of me but i gotta take a chance anyway! Very few among us have that much faith

We are filled with fear, what if HE don’t catch me, no what if i die, what if i fail, i might lose, its dangerous, ama hold on, its pretty comfortable hanging here than letting go etc the universe has taught me that i always know what’s best for me, am simply afraid to do what i gotta do. You know its possible you just don’t have that must trust and your faith is sagging.

If you believe you can achieve anything, everything!

The universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives. But, get this…. Not without opposition! You are going to be tested through all sorts of things. Before the universe conspires to make things happen for you, you have to be most worthy. You have got to graduate at different levels, some of which are;

  • Pain
  • Loses
  • Challenges
  • Hardships
  • Discouragement
  • Hatred
  • Difficulties
  • Doubt
  • Fear

Every successful person has a painful story, embrace the pain and get ready for success

At my level is this university, i have learnt that people who live easy lives do the hard things and the people living tough lives are the ones always “playing it safe” doing the easy things. But, no risk, no life! No pain, no gain! Whether you like it or not, to achieve something of greatness you have to give something of equal greatness; persistence, consistence, great amount of patience, discipline, humility etc

I have also learnt that you can’t live for other people, no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone, you can’t make everybody happy, you have to make decisions for you. So what will people say? What will they think? No, how does it make you better.

Have faith, make a decision and don’t quit until you win!

What has the universe taught you so far? Please let me know in the comment section