May 15, 2019

15-05-2019 19:05


Fortnite added a new gun into the game called the Tactical Assault Rifle, the gun has no recoil hits for a lot of damage and it shoots fast. The gun in the picture looked like it was going to be a better scoped assault rifle where you can look through the scope but it wasn’t and it is way better than the other assault rifles. A John Wick skin was leaked out and it looks cool but we already have a skin that looks like John Wick so this skin is a waste of money if you already maxed out the season 3 battle pass. Fortbyte 81 was located, it is located on the mountain with the dynasour fossils. The drum gun and ballers are getting nerfed. In the V9.01 patch notes it says they will get nerfed. A lot of people want the drum gun and the baller vaulted but the way fortnite and epic are going I dont think that they are going to take it out.

Rainbow six siege put out our year 4 season 2 attacker, the attacker is called Nokk, she has a really cool background story. Rainbow put out new bundles, the budles are called Vigil Volunteer Bundle and Rad Guard Bundle. It is Kapkan’s birthday so they put out his birthday challenges and Smoke its Smoke’s birthday this week.


TSM Myth moved into his new house in Texas, he moved in with other players that play for TSM, the thing is he Hamlinz and Daquan stayed in LA where Myth used to live. He said that he don’t know what he is doing but he hopes its a good choice.

Tfue is trying out the new tac assault rifle and notices that there is no reciola and it does a lot of damage and it shoots fast.

Liquid Chap was playing with Tfue were playing creative and they tried out the new Tacticle assault rifle. He was lazering each other and they said they loved this gun.

FaZe Jarvis was playing in the world cup when the internet shut off and he was kicked from the game due to the internet. The internet came back so he didn’t lose the stream but he still was kicked out of the game. There was 10 people left in the game.