Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas and Other

15-05-2019 17:05

Welcome to Jezebel of Midweek madness, where local threat Joan Summers received a mysterious package in the mail. A strange and anonymous person in a trench coat, fake mustache and Party town the wig delivered it to my door this morning. Inside the package is a letter that reads: "Don't print lies. We'll watch."

It seems strange! And while we ignore my creeping terror that maybe I made an enemy of the Powers that I Am: let's dive into it.

OK !:

As my readers know, I am never short of unkind comments about it Rowing = cover stars notch is Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Initially I turned the "Love & Heartbreak" section of the tabloid to find the blurb shown on the cover above. Having scoured the magazine for over 20 minutes, I still hadn't found the slightest mention of the spouses. As a last resort, I poured the directory in the hope of finding a page number. And then I saw it. I couldn't tell you what happened next, but I know for sure that I obscured. Witnesses say the screams didn't stop for hours.

But 3 days have passed and I am ready to share my experience. After publishing a cover story in April regarding an "imminent divorce after 117 days of marriage", Ok! was forced to offer a retraction. The statement says:

Clarification: in its April 8, 2019 issue, we published an article saying that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas were "divorced after 117 days of marriage", including the title, among other details, on the cover. Indeed, Mr. Jonas and Mrs. Chopra Jonas are and have been happily married, with the love and support of their family and friends, and have never had and are not going to divorce. OK! regrets any suggestion that may arise from its publication of the article. OK! I wish the happy newlyweds.

While retractions for clarity and truth fall fully within the rights of anyone in public opinion, let us consider American Media & # 39; s Catalog: Us Weekly, Star, OK !, Radar, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style, National Enquirer, is Globe. Now, I analyze through an overwhelming amount of "rumors" and "accusations" and "sources" to live. If every single fairy tale on the cover of only one of these tabloids were put to the test: the entire publication would have been relegated with retractions for weeks! Did he condemn the printing of obvious lies? Absolutely not. But! I find it fascinating that Priyanka Chopra Jonas chose to leave the designated lane of the rich and famous for this particular voice. What is the old saying? Don't stir the flames? Don't chase gossip if you don't want to draw attention to it? Don't comment if you don't want the story to be printed in the first place? Ignore your quotes on Twitter before you are calculated? Do not indulge in Instagram comments for fear of Shade Room? I could go on!

It is not a secret that often intrudes me in the dynamic between the press and the celebrities that we often also offer to the platforms. On the one hand, it would be impossible to argue that celebrities do not abuse their access to a tabloid print consistent with fame and wealth. It would also be impossible to claim that the tabloids do not misappropriate the access they offer to enrich themselves even in the event of scandals. Moreso, in the world of pop culture news, is an unexpressed understanding of the "pressure" celebrities and those who do not. Beyoncé is Adelefor example, do not "press". Priyanka Chopra Jonas does it absolutely. Here is a brief list of the latest Us Weekly titles alone:

So while I'm not defending OK! presumably by publishing a false cover story about the status of Chopra-Jonas's marriage, I think it is clear that he has monetized his personal life for personal gain. Therefore, he keeps track of the fact that she would break from the pack to request this retraction. He also talks about priorities related to the public image of their marriages. Why? In February, Page six he directed a story claiming that Priyanka Chopra Jonas e Meghan Markle they are no longer friends after Sussex "snubbed" Jonas' publicly publicized marriage. One source said:

"Their friendship is over unless Meghan apologizes. Priyanka is a big international star with a huge social media following. She is probably more famous all over the world than Meghan is. She feels that Meghan is not. he respected, and did not respect their friendship. "

A second anonymous source replied:

There are no problems between the two women. They are friends and whatever you are told is otherwise inaccurate and false.

Priyanka, who went ahead See what happens live! a month later, he released his only public statement on the subject with a laugh and a glance. She even seemed annoyed by the voices completely.

Perhaps my third eye is a little too open, but the Page six "Exclusive" seems infinitely more damaging to the character of the couple than a cover story in a magazine that regularly publishes articles describing in detail Brad Pitt is Jennifer Aniston & # 39; s alleged marriage and love child. But when you've made your marketability on a hyper-visible love life, it's logical that you go around the carts when your money flow is threatened. After all, it is completely 1956 in Tabloidland and embarrassing divorces would ruin your reputation forever! The question that remains, therefore, is whether we will see the photos of the Duchess and Chopra Jonas a L & # 39; ivy in the middle of the Royal California Takeover. If so, I will be happy to throw myself off this shorter tall horse that can be imagined as penitence.

What & # 39; other?

  • According to the sources, men see Charlize Theron as "hostile". The same, Charlize!
  • Brandi Glanville is LeAnn Rimes they finally concluded the feud that launched the most successful reality show of the decade.
  • Lower the hatches: sources state Adele is "back in the studio".
  • Who are the sources they support Selena Gomez is "close friends" with Justin Therouxand is doing its best to keep it "strictly platonic"? Show yourself, so I can put you in the jail of gossip.
  • Each story has already been told before, so it's not surprising that annoying informants claim a recent successful woman Brie Larson she is "holier than you" and "self important" and "rude" and "snappy" and "acts like she regulates the franchise". I smell the nerds sweating from the other side of this "gossip".
  • Kacey Musgraves he wore it better.
  • Zac Efron he began with his visibly blonde wax figure Ellen.

In contact:

This is certainly a change of pace! We are going to recover. After the transformation Waco, TX in a link of Christianity and suburbanization "Chip & Jo"The keys were delivered to their digital mall: a television station! The Magnolia network (an offshoot of an existing one discovery property of the canal) will feature rustic lighting, shiplap, teachings of the gospel of prosperity and an "inner look" in their daily life. It looks terrible! Furthermore, "insiders" claim that the couple decided on a sixth child. And before you ask, the answer is yes: In contact he took the time to mention abruptly Joanna age and "shrinking window". It's not just the politicians and your ugly cousin Facebook! The gossip outlets also like to discuss women's bodies due to their proximity to the act of human birth. There is also a roundup of their latest capitalist initiatives, including: Magnolia market (shopping center), Magnolia table ("New American" restaurant), e Magnolia House (bed and breakfast.) I was also shocked to learn that the famous nicknames J.Lo is A bar hired the couple to redo their massive, $ 6.6 million villa Malibu. Advertising! But in the most shocking revelation, sources close to the family claim that Jo is trying to be the "next big momager" in the "good old market of family values".

TV or not, children are attracted to the work of parents in the entertainment world. […] "They enjoy what Chip and Jo do," says one member. "They love the lights, the cameras, the crew. The children will probably follow in their parents' footsteps, and Chip & Jo are fine with it. It will not push his children, but […] she knows her children are adorable and fans like to see them. "

Yikes! I wish them the best on their journey, but I refuse to condemn our planet to exist within a Household goods Magnolia trading market. Stop them at any cost!

Somewhere else, Sofia Richie (presumably) has a nose job and an ombré, Lisa Vanderpump refering to Dorit Kemsley like a "stupid cow", and some Short degree some bodies are fighting. Charlize Theron debuted a few shots while Taylor Swift became the BeyHive by last goal (again.) My favorite news of the month, however, is Paula Abdul & # 39; s fedora putting Julianne Hough in a pair of necks. I'm also fearing the imminent Beverly Hills 90210 reboot and re-emergence of Tori Spelling like a tabloid. Lucky for her, though, because American Media, Inc. will surely take a break from digging into his finances to discuss his thoughts Luke Perry & # 39; s tragic death. Pray for me! There is also an unbalanced, norm-based interview Colton Underwood and anthropomorphic Free people dress Cassie Randolph. Immerse yourself!

In contact: "Any timeline on engagement?"

Coltssie: "Let's talk about our future and everything."

In contact: How did life go when the show ended?

Coltssie: "We're still trying to […] live a simple and normal life Yes. "(My normal also includes weight loss supplements for shilling on the cover of In contact.)

In contact: Cassie, you live in the same building as Colton's third-placed Caelynn Miller-Keyes (???). Com & # 39; is it?

Cassie: It's rather strange!

In contact: Who is your biggest crush on celebrities?

Colton: "Jennifer Aniston. [Cassie] he's getting worried. "

In contact: What are your guilty pleasures?

Cassie: "I like these things called Takis. I'm like a Hot cheeto".

Some takeout before going on: these people have no idea how to be alone together and it is absolutely stressful that she lives in a Valley Village apartment complex with a competing partner. What the hell is going on in the Bachelor Nation?

Even Tipsters states this Mossimo for Target is Aunt Becky marriage is "rundown" like the dishonored Hallmark Channel the star refuses to accept his incarceration sentence. I am also happy to see my predictions on blind items to be updated. As I reported at the beginning of this month, speculation around Ryan Seacrest & # 39; s the future of American Idol intensified afterwards Bobby Bones intervened for the longtime host. The blind articles on Bones' career "ambitions" later emerged (which many readers correctly guessed). Now, In contact is reporting a noisy exit for Seacrest – claiming to focus on its radio presence and Live with Kelly and Ryan. I'm sending my love to Kelly Ripa right now!

  • Derek Hough teaches Zumba now.
  • Bella Thorne celebrated on a trampoline at #AeroBeachHouse "While celebrating the Aeropostale x Repreve ecological denim collection. "
  • Let us stop indulging in the content of the marriage surrounding the merchants of chaos and the cheese barons with beer Jax and Brittany Taylor.
  • Jaden Smith will interpret an alternative universe version of Kanye West in a new one Show time limited series call Omniverse.

As for the blind object this week:

"This celebrity couple is short on money, but they have a plan. Taking a page from the successful Kris Jenner playbook, they bent over using their children in hopes of bringing in a much needed cash flow. The plan worked better, otherwise mom and dad will be in prison! "

This is absolutely Tori Spelling is Dean McDermott.


Every once in a while I get a cover story so unbalanced and twisted that it obscures me with excitement. This happened twice this week. For anyone who needs a quick update, you can update it By Jennifer Lawrence commitment here. As for the rest of us: let's dive in! According to the threats they face Lifestyle, we are informed that the current list of families at war for "Maid of Honor" includes: Emma Stone, Amy Schumer, Kim Kardashian, Adele, is…Lady Gaga? can he Cooke Maroney even afford half their taxes for the appearance of the press? But beyond that, I'm stunned that anyone can believe that Lady Gaga is also present on her list of bridesmaids, as the only known photo I found of the couple is a Snapchat photo. As for the other choices, we will subdivide them in a meta-textual sense. Let's hear it for the Industrial complex for heterosexual marriages (HWIC)!


  • Professionals: Takes you to gay bars for trashing and celebrating with drag queens. It will force you into Donna Summers karaoke and buy you lots of shots. Recently divorced and ready to party.
  • Versus: Elusive and private. It takes a day to send you a message. He has a lot on his plate. Recently divorced and probably crying in performing the sacred duties required by HWIC.

Kim Kardashian:

  • Professionals: Sponsored by every thirsty brand you can imagine, which means you could pay very little. He has a bigger glam team than your extended family. He has a TV show that pays for luxury vacations.
  • Versus: It will turn your wedding into a #SponCon monstrosity. He could have made it by himself at various wedding events and receptions. It will take absolutely more time than you to be ready.

Amy Schumer:

  • Professionals: It could deliver the best group welcome speech. He has jokes. Down for nothing.
  • Versus: He has jokes.

Emma Stone:

  • Professionals: Your spiritual twin End your sentences and always know what you need. He will carry a bundle of handkerchiefs in his bag so as not to ruin the makeup by crying. He understands your need to review that movie One You Like Like 300 times.
  • Versus: The intimacy of your relationship could foster jealousy because, as HWIC requires, women can no longer have deep friendships.

I'm also obsessed with Kim Kardashian's cover idea as a woman trying to "get ahead in the life of J-Laws". According to the source:

The friendship of the reality star with Jennifer grew after the actress approached Kris Jenner, 63. During an alcoholic group dinner in the momager's house, J-Law strips naked and asks Kim, 38, and her husband Kanye West, 41, to shape it. Flash onwards two years later and Kim decided it would be a good idea to "suggest that Kanye drew the bridesmaids' clothes of honor. It ended with a big thud, no one said anything. All you heard was crickets in the room. Kim took it as a no. "

Frankly, the mental image of Adele, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Amy Schumer and Lady Gaga line up in correspondence Yeezy the suits will take me through my next cycle of depression. Thank you Lifestyle!

What & # 39; other:

  • Adam Sandler I had a pizza party in an Italian villa with George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Jenna Dewan revealed that he uses make-up wipes.
  • Everyone is still wearing Gucci.
  • A tipster has presumably seen an Adele (catfish) on Tinder.
  • Dutch Zoey he was photographed stroking Megan's Mullally breasts.
  • A note: I don't want to indulge in the voices of "on set drama" among the cast of Big little lies.
  • It makes perfect sense Megan Fox it's a Bull.
  • Nev Schulman it is "really in" getting Botox armpit injections.

Enjoy this week's collage!