US-LA: Activists stage ‘die-in’ protest against proposed abortion law in Louisiana

16-05-2019 19:05

LOCATION: Baton Rouge 
DATE SHOT: May 15, 2019
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Members of the New Orleans Abortion Fund staged a protest against a proposed ban on abortion known as the “heartbeat law” inside Louisiana’s State Capitol building in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, May 15.

The proposed law would introduce a ban on abortions from as early as week six of a pregnancy.

The protestors made their way into the Louisiana State Capitol building dressed in white and covered in fake blood, and lay down to stage a “die-in.” Police and security can been seen forcibly removing the protesters and escorting them outside. The New Orleans Abortion Fund posted on Facebook saying that everyone involved had been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and criminal destruction of property but had subsequently been released.

The protest occurred on the same day as a controversial ban on abortion was signed into law in Alabama by Governor Kay Ivey. The legislation in Alabama would make performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, with almost no exceptions, a felony.