Best hanging gardening ideas

07-06-2019 07:06

There are tons of different vertical gardening systems and supports to choose from, and it’s fun to get ideas for your garden.
Below, I’ve broken my vertical gardening ideas down into a few different sections so you can easily find what you’re looking for.
First I share a few of my favorite hanging gardens, wall mounted planters, and living walls. Then I move on to inspiring ideas for DIY vertical planters, trellises and vine supports.

Hanging Garden Ideas

Hanging gardens are a popular way to grow flowers and other ornamental plants, and they’re also a wonderful way to grow food. The best part about these hanging vertical garden ideas is that you don’t even need a yard!

You can display these projects hanging just about anywhere. And not only will you be able to garden in places you never considered before, it will look amazing too.

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  1. Hanging Cone Planters

This vertical garden idea puts a fun spin on standard hanging baskets. I love how these adorable hanging cone planters move and twirl in the wind. The longer you make the twine, the more they will move.
They’re perfect for dangling under a deck or pergola, from the ceiling of a porch, or from the branches of large trees. You can use them for growing herbs like I did here, or plant them with your favorite flowers. They also make fun DIY gifts!

  1. Large Self-Standing Living Art

This gorgeous self-standing easel combines art and function to create a unique piece of living art that will look amazing in your garden. The best part is that, since it’s always growing, your living artwork will never stay the same for very long.

Place it at the entrance of a path or gate as a fun way to welcome guests into the garden. Or use it to liven up a boring corner of your patio or deck, creating an interesting conversation piece.

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  1. Antique Ladder Hanging Planter

Antique ladders are a popular trend for interior decorating, and I love the look. So I designed one to use as a hanging vertical planter.
This replica antique ladder is very easy to build, and inexpensive too. I filled the planters with colorful herbs, but you could use it for growing any small plants, like succulents, strawberries or salad greens instead.

Living walls are a huge trend these days, and they look fantastic! But for most of us, building a substantial living wall isn’t an attainable goal.
Wall mounted planters are smaller, and much more practical for home gardeners. These vertical gardening ideas are fun, easy to make, and will add life and color to a boring blank wall or fence.

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  1. Upcycled Living Picture Frame

Picture frames are no longer just for displaying photos of our loved ones. Living picture frames have become a very popular trend these days, and this project is a great way to upcycle old frames.
Used photo frames are a dime-a-dozen at second hand stores and yard sales, and are very easy to find. It’s common to see living picture frames planted with succulents. So, for something different, I planted mine with herbs and salad greens instead.

  1. Simple Vertical Wall Pockets

Vertical wall pockets are a brilliant way to add life to a boring fence or blank wall, and they don’t have to be complicated to make. These charming vertical wall pockets are ideal for any small space.
They look darling hanging on a fence, or adorning the railing of a deck or balcony. I planted mine with colorful herbs, but you could use flowers or succulents instead if you prefer.

  1. DIY Living Vertical Wall

Living walls make gorgeous additions to the garden, and really open up your growing options. While dedicating an entire wall or fence to building a massive vertical wall garden would be awesome, it’s not practical for most people.

So, I came up with a scaled down version of a vertical living wall that anyone can build. This one can be mounted on an exterior wall or fence, and is perfect for growing small vegetables, succulents, herbs, or flowers.

Vertical Garden Planters

Take traditional container gardening to whole new heights by combining it with vertical gardening. The vertical gardening ideas in this section combine the two popular methods in exciting and creative ways.
One of the biggest benefits of using containers is that you don’t even need a traditional garden plot. You can put them in places you normally wouldn’t be able to grow anything, like on your deck, balcony or patio.

  1. Stacked Pots Tower Garden

If you’re like me, you have more garden pots collecting dust in the garage than you care to admit. What better way to put those extra planters to use than to create a stacked pot tower garden?
This stacked pot garden is easy to make, and super inexpensive when you use planters you already have. It looks fantastic standing on a deck or patio, on the front step, or anywhere in the garden.

  1. Planter Box With Trellis

Raised planter boxes with a trellis like this one are perfect for adding height to any corner of your garden. Since the box in this design has a bottom, you could even install it on your patio or deck.

The built in trellis allows you to grow even more plants in this small self-contained garden. Put shorter plants, like salad greens, flowers, or peppers in the front, and grow your favorite vining plants up the trellis.

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  1. Upcycled Utility Rack Planter

This project gives new life to a simple utility rack that I found at a local discount store, turning it into a vertical planter. A beverage cart or other decorative storage cart would also work great.

Since it’s so cute, you can place it right next to your front door, or use it to adorn a balcony or patio. Plant your upcycled utility rack garden with herbs and edible flowers like I did, or fill it with your favorite annuals.

  1. Self-Standing Gutter Garden

Hanging gutter gardens are super popular these days, and I absolutely adore the idea. But the gutters become very heavy once they’re filled with plants and soil, and I don’t have a spot that’s sturdy enough to hang them.

So, I decided to come up with a fun vertical garden design idea for a self-standing gutter garden that doesn’t require hanging. This self-standing gutter garden is perfect for any area in your yard, and offers an impressive amount of growing space.