14-05-2019 07:05

So my name is Ammar! I’m about to turn 16 on October,18. I from Pakistan. I’m a pure Muslim! I’m in high school.

Bookaholic, a writer-in-training, trys to a song writer, humanitarian, RnB/Soul lover! A big foodie who loves to travel! Learned to interpret the world around me through words when I was kid. A good horse rider! Listener On 7cups! Good with tech and stuff!

I’m a good person in general who cares about how people feel. Really friendly but I prefer to do stuff on my own! Yeah, the “Introvert” type. I can be sarcastic at times and love to explore and do the craziest things. You can’t shut this guy up! Loves to help the poor and needy and always want to put a smile on peoples face. But I have a dark alter-ego version of me who lives inside the back of my brain. I would advise you not mess with him!

My favorite artists include Kira Kosarin, Shawn Mendes, Bilie Eilllish , James Ross K, Sik World, Halsey, Camilla Cabello, Frank Ocean and Ariana Grande.

Harry Potter, MCEU, DCEU, The Thundermans, Ouat, Light As A Feather, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow! Yeah, part of all those fandoms!

I think by now you know me very well! I discover new things about me everyday so I’ll keep you updated too when I find something new about myself XD.