Poor man 3-mmc recrystalisation tek

16-06-2019 16:06

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Hello, i opened a post some weeks ago to ask about a very wet/sticky batch of 3-mmc wich, while potent enough was extremely difficult to snort. So yesterday I tried to turn some back to xtals, or at least to a snortable form.

To a small quantity of 3-mmc (150mg) i added less than 1ml of hot distilled water. Every thing went in solution very easily. I then slowly made the water evaporate and dry completly.. I know this is not proper recrystalisation, but the goal was met. I obtained some nice clear crystals that, after crushing, were much more snortable.

Might be old news, but might also be usefull for some.

I’m pretty sure this is a proper recrystalisation. Isopropyl alcohol works better because it evaporates faster and is cheaper than bottled water lol.

A proper recrys involves cooling the solution so that the desired product crashes out and the impurities stay dissolved. You then separate the solid from the now contaminated solvent.

While the above method produced good crystals, it still contains any contaminant as all the solvent evaporated before removing the crystals

A lot of times you get a greater yield/better and bigger xtals using an ice bath. Not always necessary but if I had my own lab I certainly would, along with a couple solvent washes under vacuum filtration.

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