The Sunday Currently | 01

18-05-2019 20:05

Yes, I am joining the bandwagon, AGAIN. Actually I have been doing blog entries for the Sunday Currently ever since I was in college and that was friggin 4 years ago. With that in mind, I have been with WordPress for this blog, this second blog, and also this one. Unfortunately, I might have forgotten all the passwords I used for those domains hence, I do not have the ability to access them right now. *To think that my animememories site will reach a thousand views soon which makes me sad*

anyway, credit goes to Siddaathornton!



The Promised Neverland

Yakusoku no Neverland  (Japanese: 約束のネバーランド) manga written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demisu. I picked up the manga two days ago after I finished binge watching the 12-episode anime adaptation. I decided to read the manga because of two reasons: (1. I can’t wait until 2020 to see the second season and 2. I need to know that my children are well and safe afterwards). I’m on Chapter 68 out of 134, and probably going to catch up sooner than I think. (I have more free time now since I finished everything with regards to graduate school requirements. fufu)


This blog post. I realized how bad my blog entries were back in the days. I talked and shared about a once favorite local love team in the Philippines (Aldub), poems for husbandos, and the suppose to be completed 30 days of Anime (which was cut short until day 15 because of school requirements). Perhaps I’ll be able to continue them again in the future, let’s see!


Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee. I have been jamming to this song for the past few weeks after I heard it from the Spiderman movie. (No, not the Homecoming, the animated one which is Into the Spider-verse). As Miles Morales said, the song never fails to relax and comfort me during times of stress, anxiety, and doubt. Actually, the soundtrack for the movie is insanely good. Another one of my favorite is Scared of the Dark by Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla Sign. Motivational? YESSSSS.


of my delayed orders from a local toy store. I ordered the Freddie Mercury Funko Pop! versions of him in long and short hair months ago and until today, the parcel is still in-transit. You see, I collect funko pops, anime figures, and even nendoroids. I consider them all my babies, prize possessions, and definitely a holy grail inside my room so I’m really sad thinking that they are until now is not in the safe hands. (I pray that those boxes are not yet damaged. )


Do air condition smell? Idk. Maybe?


Good health for my loved ones. Last April 22, my Dad got admitted in the ICU due to a syndrome called Mallory Weiss. I do not have the ability to explain it to you thoroughly and professionally, but technically, it was a tear in the upper intestine if I’m not mistaken due to alcoholism (Please, please, keep your alcohol and smoking in moderate levels). We stayed in the hospital for 4 days and fortunately, he’s doing good and is back to his normal routine up to this day. Thank you Lord!


that I can maintain this blog for the years to come. Since I procrastinate a lot, this will keep me busy hopefully.


a black turtle necked t-shirt matched with a black square pants. I also have my blue banana republic jacket on. Perhaps this will give you a sign that I dote on gloomy colors rather than the warm ones. Fun fact, most of my outfits are black in color.


my new account here in word press. I mean who doesn’t? I have Levi Ackerman in my website and that’s enough reason for me to make this an exception.


to go to Japan as soon as possible. My dream is yet to come!


an 8 hour sleep or more. I was sleep deprived for the last two days because of anime and games. You know the drill right?  One more episode they say but here you are in the last episode still going strong.




and that’s it! See you in another installment. Happy Sunday! Do everything you need and want to do because tomorrow.. is… M O N D A Y!