Why do States Continue to Attack Our Constitutional Rights?

17-05-2019 19:05

What does the Statue of Liberty Stand for?

The historical state of Georgia has once again moved to violate the 14th Amendment constitutional right’s of women everywhere. Of course Alabama is not alone, more than a dozen other states have also passed similar laws restricting access to legal abortion. We are watching this trend expand as our government leans more and more towards conservative values.

According to Websters Dictionary, “conservatism” is the philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change. Its politics are to preserve what is established. I do not believe we are seeing these values today, there is no gradual development towards change, we are only seeing resistance to change and the desire to return to the ‘good ole’ days’.

My only question is what period in time are we trying to conserve exactly? Obviously not our current laws. Are we working to conserve the laws of the
1800’s? 1930’s? 1960’s? 1980’s? How far back are we trying to return to? Jim Crow era or are we trying to restore segregation? The conservative philosophy is obsolete for a advancing modern society because change is inevitable. Ever since the civil war all we have seen from this group of conservatives is a blind resistance to change which has poisoned our country with doubt and hate today and in the past. Change is coming whether any one likes it or not.

This is not the first time we have seen states openly defy our constitution. Defiant states continue to pass legislation to allow unconstitutional behaviour. Since the behavoir has already been deemed unconstitutional by our United States Supreme Court. This exact issue was already addressed in 1973 in the matter of Row v. Wade .

The State’s working to dismantle an already settled questions of law and continue to persist on their mission to strip women of the constitutional right women to make decisions about her own life and body. This is not only a threat to woman rights, the open defiance against constitutional rights is a threat to the very core of our society.

Thank goodness there are amazing lawyers out there, like ACLU, and other amazing groups of lawyers who are now preparing for battle to defend our United States Constitution rights, once again. For more information see this New York Times article about the sudden rise of legislation against our United States Constitution based on conservative values.

No man or democratic government should create laws that restrict woman’s rights over her own body under the 14th Amendment of the United State’s Constitution. Our basic liberties are at risk, that is why I am going to law school. We have to fight for our rights, if we don’t rise up, no one will. We have to be the example for the next generation.

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