Rental Reviews: Left Alive

16-05-2019 21:05

Hello fellow geeks and welcome to Rental Reviews, where I try out the games so that you don’t have to. Today on Rental Reviews I am looking at Left Alive (PS4 / PC), developed by Llinx and published by Square Enix.

I was searching for new games to add to my GameFly Q (I love GameFly, that service has saved me so much money), when I came across an interesting looking title called Left Alive. I watched a couple of trailers and it looked like a game right out of the Metal Gear universe and I was instantly intrigued. After doing a little research on the game it turns out it takes place in the Front Mission universe. Now I don’t know a thing about Front Mission so I went in with no expectations.

Gamefly has saved me from so many bad games

The game has several difficultly levels, suited for all kinds of gamers. I originally played it on the “Lite” setting, but even then I kept dying. No I wasn’t sure if that was because I could not get a handle on the controls or if the mechanics were just that bad. After playing for a while I can tell you that it was absolutely the game mechanics that were just that bad.

The game employs the over the shoulder view made popular by Resident Evil 4

The basic story (at least as far as I played into the game), was that the fictional Republic of Garmoniya invades the Republic of Ruthenia by attacking the border city of Novo Slava. Apparently you play as three different protagonists but I didn’t get far enough into the game to change out my first character. Much like Metal Gear, the gameplay revolves around stealth action, with your character sneaking around the destroyed city and into crumbling buildings while avoiding Garmoniyan forces. The stealth gameplay isn’t bad, it’s just not polished enough. You have your requisite hiding behind crates and buildings, and you can toss cans to distract the enemies. It’s when the bullets start flying that things fall apart.

The three protagonists

The action takes an over the shoulder view, much like Resident Evil 4 and many other games since, however the gunplay feels imprecise and clunky. I could never get a bead on the enemy soldiers and I was taken out again and again, because even on the easier difficulty levels the bad guys felt over powered. There are these giant mechs in the game called Wanzers, and if they get you in their sights you are just as good as dead at that point.

It felts as if whomever put together the control scheme was living in bygone era of game design because the placement of some of the actions on the controller seemed baffling to me and led to many discoveries by the bad guys, which then led to death because my little pistol was no match for what the weaponry they were packing. Oh, thinking about taking one of the bad guys weapons if you are lucky enough to put one of them down? Guess again, because the guns disappear and you are still stuck with the crappy pistol that for some reason takes forever for your protagonist to re-load in the heat of battle.

These mechs, called Wanzers, roam the battlefield and will be your worst nightmare

Graphically the Left Alive is fine looking. It won’t win any awards for how it looks, but it’s far from an ugly game, and in my brief time with the game I didn’t discover any issues with geometry or game-breaking bugs. In other words the game is technically sound, at least from what I played.

After I died for the fourth time I decided I had enough of this game and sealed it up in it’s envelope and I will be sending it back in the morning. One of my commandments of gaming is that a game had to grab my attention right off the bad and not let me go. Between being in the military, being a father of three, a husband and not to mention my large backlog of games, I don’t have time to get into a game that does not immediately grab just hold.

So, as with all my reviews the question at the end is “Should I Play This Game?” I’m going to go ahead and say no. The game is just not fun and it’s very frustrating from the outset. After doing further research into the game, I discovered that reviews for Left Alive were less than stellar, and I have to agree with those reviewers. While the premise looks interesting and the world reminds me of Metal Gear, Left Alive fails to live up to it’s potential.

Stay away, stay far, far away

So have you played Left Alive? Do you agree with my assessment? Let me know what you think of the game and my review in the comments. Until next time fellow geeks, keep on geeking on.

Graphic: 7/10 Not bad but nothing to write home about. They do there job and nothing seems broken

Sound: 7/10 Again, nothing special. However the limited voice acting I came across was not good, it was definitely not a professional job.

 Story: 7/10 Your home has been attacked by a rival nation. Fight back?

Gameplay: 4/10 Bad, just bad. The controls feel like they were put together by someone who doesn’t understand modern shooters and the gunplay just doesn’t feel fun. Stealth works fine though.

Replay Value: Unknown. It does seem that you can make different choices at certain intervals that may have different outcomes

Overall Rating: 4/10