Creativity Blog Introduction

28-05-2019 04:05

Saturday, May 18th
For the purpose of the Creativity in Marketing blog assignment, I must come up with a creative project and blog about the creative process. While I consider myself a creative person, thinking of a project that is both creative, fun and feasible to get done within the deadline has been a challenge. My first blog post about this assignment will guide you though the process on what projects I thought about doing before concluding with the actual project I plan on working on.

I have lots of interests and and some creative skills. I am a huge fan of video games as well as movies, so my first idea was going to incorporate something like that. The question was: What would “that” actually be? Would it be a video game, or maybe a YouTube video about my favourite video games or movies? The challenge of this would be my lack of artistic skills, I do not know how to program a game but I do know how to edit a video, although I am out of practice.

My very first idea would have been to program a very minimalist “idle” game. An idle game refers to a sub genre where the game accumulates resources on its own in real time, the game play deals with where you use these resources to purchase upgrades. These upgrades help to speed up the accumulation of resources. An example of this would be games like “Cookie Clicker” or “Kittens Game”.

The idea of the game itself would be managing an AI program that would be tasked with “Saving the Planet” from climate change and environmental collapse. The game would have you accumulating resources to build drones to pick up trash and litter, before escalating to more extreme scenarios like cleaning up oil spills, all while balancing concepts like CO2 levels and biodiversity. The biggest problem though would be my inability to code Unity and that it would take way too long to learn for the scope of this project. Having said that though, it would be a fun idea to work as a side project in the future. Maybe one day, I could learn how to use Unity to create something like this.

The next idea I had dealt was writing about my favourite video game trailers. The first idea was to simply write an article listing off my favourite video game trailers of all time. After some discussion with my friends, I realized it was really not that creative, nor artistic. So the next idea was to make a top ten video where I list out my favourite game trailers all while using video clips and my own voice over. This would have been very fun to make and would have had a good visual component as well. The problem was figuring out how much time it would need to make. Video editing takes a very long time and while very rewarding, can also be time consuming. A good video would have required a script, all the necessary video clips, and possibly a story board. The video could have been up to twenty minutes in length which might have taken too long in time I have given.

The last and final idea I came up with was with discussion with a friend. He suggested building something out of Lego. As we were chatting about that, I looked behind me to see booth a Mega Bloks Space Shuttle, and a K’NEX space ship I built of my own design sitting on top of my armoire. This reminded me of how when I was younger, I played around with K’NEX, both building the particular model, according to the instructions, then using the pieces to build my own creations.

The K’NEX model I built when I was younger

For this creativity project, I will be building an original model out of K’NEX. This blog will walk you though, what I will be building, where I will draw inspiration from, and how I actually built it.