Best 10 Gaming Mouse 2019 Reviews ( Users Guide )

12-06-2019 17:06

Are you searching for a Gaming mouse that has excellent characteristics in order to help you win your games?

Well, in every game that you take, a gaming mouse is indeed needed. Through this, a peaceful and uninterrupted game can be achieved. 

Best Gaming mouse 2019

What is Gaming mouse ?

A gaming mouse refers to the tool that is essential to a desktop computer most especially, for a better and improved gaming mode. This tool helps in easy control of the desktop, especially when playing a game. It has the left and right button that allows the user to control and program the desktop much better. It also has a faster response compared to the typical and ordinary mouse. There are various kinds and types of gaming mouse that has its unique characteristics. There is also a wireless and non-wireless type of gaming mouse depending on the needs of a customer. Another thing, a gaming mouse does not help only in gaming purposes, it can also help in your tasks and work. 

Advantages of using Gaming mouse ?

improved performance and flexibility

Using a gaming mouse can improve your performance in anything that you do, such as a task or game. It allows the user to have a better performance, especially in a game where a fast and flexible control is needed.  Its flexibility to let the user perform any kind of grip to it is also promising. A user can use the finger grip, claw, grip, and also the palm grip.  It is also a great tool to switch in any tab or to click any pop-up buttons in the desktop. It can perform thousands of clicks in a single use as well as bearable scrolling and clicking activity

Promote productive Process and output

In order to have a productive and faster process of any task, a gaming mouse can help you a lot. A gaming mouse is not meant only for gaming purposes, it can also help in completing any assigned job. It can also perform the basic activities such as copy and paste, highlight a particular text, and so many more. 

Comfortable to use

A gaming mouse provides its user with a comfortable and bearable use. The gaming mouse comes in a handy way, and it is easy to use. Its fast response in any click also helps in the comfortable usage in any purpose. It is not heavy and can be easily carried, especially the wireless gaming mouse. 


an outstanding pick for the gamers

Gamers need a mouse that will allow them to control the game in a fast and easy way. Fortunately, the gaming mouse is the best pick for this kind of need. It gives the user with a quality and bearable gaming mode without any interruption and hindrances. It can be used in a long period of time for it doesn’t turn off easily. It is great to use and has excellent controllers. With this, a gamer can enjoy and much better, win the game. 

Logitech MX518 –

The original Logitech MX518 was considered to be one of the best gaming mice of its era when it came out in 2005. Its revamped Legendary version does not tarnish the memory of the old monster. Instead, the Legendary Logitech MX518 comes with a strong resemblance to its predecessor when it comes to aesthetics and its physical build

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It has the same curves on the side panels and the imitated oft sweep of the convex top. Hence when it comes to ergonomics, the Logitech MX518 gaming mouse offers the same high-quality grip and comfort that its predecessor did. The 8 programmable buttons that it consists of however are positioned better. What are the pros and cons of the Logitech MX518 ?


  •  Equipped with the 16,000 CPI HERO sensor and a rating of 400+ makes the Logitech MX18 one of the most accurate and precise gaming mice around.
  •  It provides onboard storage of up to 5 profiles, which makes sharing profiles and switching between them much easier.
  •  Consists of fully programmable buttons and CPI settings, which can be programmed by a simple download of a software.
  •  Reasonably priced while performing as good as more expensive gaming mice. 



  • The narrow and sleek design it has can be considered a disadvantage when it comes to broader, bigger hands.
  •  This gaming mouse does not consist of an adjustable weight system, which a number of other gaming mice do have.


Razerdeathadder Elite

The Deathadder series of Razer are by far one of the most monstrous series when it comes to top quality gaming mice.  The RazerDeathadder Elite doesn’t tarnish the legacy of its series by offering a high-quality gaming mouse. It is not an aggressively ergonomic centric mouse, which forces your hand in a certain position

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You can use whichever grip you find comfortable with the RazerDeathadderElite, and it will give you the desired ergonomics, provided your hand is at least medium sized. The matte black coating and rubber side grips for aesthetics alongside two side buttons that are easily usable gives some added utility to this gaming mouse. What are the pros and cons of the RazerDeathadder Elite when it comes to performance and features?


  •  One of the most durable gaming mice with a strong, sturdy build is the RazerDeathadder Elite, offering 50 million clicks worth of gaming.
  •  Equipped with the flawless 3389 sensor that provides a maximum of 16000 DPI and tracks all your hand movements without any jittering or smoothing.
  •   Unlike other high-quality, high price gaming mice, you can get this one at an affordable price.



  •  One of the biggest cons of this model is that it isn’t all that different from last year’s DeathAdder variant, which makes it a stagnant model.
  •  It doesn’t provide the feature of onboard profile storage for quick profile changes.
  •  The RGB lighting used on in it is covered during its use which makes it redundant.


Logitech G203 Prodigy

If you are looking for a simple looking gaming mouse that doesn’t scream out your gaming habits, then the Logitech G203 Prodigy is the mouse for you. The only thing that differentiates this gaming mouse from an office mouse in terms of design is its 6 programmable buttons and 2 side buttons

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Other than that it doesn’t have any textured side grips or soft-touch rubber and matte finish to improve its grip or feel. The positioning of the side buttons, however, is designed as such to prevent misclicking. When it comes to features and performance what are the positives and negatives of the Logitech G203 Prodigy?


  • A very affordable price for a gaming mouse, coming at even 27$ in some cases.
  • It is equipped with customizable RGB lights to boost your gaming mouse aesthetics.
  • The Logitech Gaming Software makes it extremely easy to create and switch between profiles.



  • A sheer lack of ergonomics for right-handers and overall as well with a plastic surface which is slippery and doesn’t offer a suitable grip.
  • Its maximum DPI is 6000 and 8000 after the software upgrade, which makes it inferior when compared to other gaming mice.
  •  The right and left buttons are mushy which make misclicks more likely, and loud which is just an uncomfortable way to play.
  •   It lacks a braided cable which is a must for wired gaming mice.

Logitech G903

If the price doesn’t affect you and you are ready to empty your pockets on one of the best gaming mice available, then the Logitech G903 is the mouse for you. Built hard around the edges this gaming mouse comes with up to 11 keys if you set it up in that way, with two extra attachable keys to the right and left side

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The design is ergonomic with its side controls sitting right where your thumb would naturally be at. Although it is a wireless mouse with a battery inside it, it is surprisingly very light in terms of weight. What are the different advantages and disadvantages of the Logitech G903 when it comes to performance and features?


  •  Equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor this wireless gaming mouse has a 200-12000 DPI range putting it on par with wired gaming mice.
  • Offers Logitech’s very own stellar lightspeed wireless connectivity which gives a response rate of 1ms making it unnoticeable.
  • Wireless charging technology which makes its use even more accessible.
  • A wide array of customizable options and buttons which will give you the necessary prowess to shut down all those trash talkers.
  • A solid durable built to make sure it lasts.



  • One of the biggest criticisms on the Logitech G903 is the general lack of affordability due to its extremely high price.
  •  Asides from powerplay there are not a lot of improvements offered when compared to its predecessor.


Corsair Ironclaw RGB

If you want to carry your team to that glorious 20 deficit win in DOTA or COD, then the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is the gaming mouse designed for you. Offering a contoured shape that considers the required ergonomics

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for palm grips the design of this gaming mouse is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically sound. It is equipped with 7 programmable buttons that are placed while keeping the accessibility of those buttons via fingers in mind. This makes it a suitable mouse even for comparatively larger hands. What are the pros and cons when it comes to how the Corsair Ironclaw RGB performs?


  • The PMW3391 optical sensor that this claw is equipped with gives it a maximum 18000 DPI and 1 DPI resolution steps which makes it one of the fastest tracking gaming mice.
  •  Consists of textured grips and wheel which prevents slipping.
  • Equipped with a two segment RGB for aesthetical superiority.
  •  A lightweight gaming mouse which only weighs 105g which increases the ease of its use.



  •  It has a very thick, heavy and stiff cable which is not desirable in wired gaming mice.
  •  For individuals who prefer comparatively heavier gaming mice, the weight of this one can prove to be a con rather than pro also.
  • There are a number of firmware fixes required to be made in this model since they have been causing users software related issues.






Razer Naga Trinity

The biggest selling point of this versatile beast is its swappable side panels. Being able to change the side panels allows you to prepare your gaming mouse for any game that you are about to play

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Whether it be an FPS game or a MOBA, the swappable side panels are all you need when it comes to tailoring your mouse in accordance with the game you will be playing. Furthermore, its design fits one’s hands comfortably which makes its ergonomics suitable as well. The ergonomics are an important factor that this gaming mouse doesn’t fail to consider since your comfort while playing ensures all the good plays.


  • The 5G optical sensor it has offers a maximum sensitivity of 16000 CPI which means that movement tracking is extremely easy. 
  •  The additional buttons make MOBA games very easy to play and improve your game by a long shot, say hello to the next quad feed in DOTA or League of Legends.
  •  It has been improved a lot when compared to the previous Naga with its easy customization.



  • The Synpase 3 software is still a work in progress which has allowed for some faults to creep in it.
  • The height and length are not adjustable in this gaming mouse.
  •  The button layouts might increase accessibility, but they have a steep learning curve.
  • The swappable buttons are stiff to some extent which makes pressing them a little rough.


SteelSeries Sensei 310

Adapting an ambidextrous design the SteelSeries Sensei 310  is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed individuals which makes it ergonomically amazing. The low-profile curve that thisgaming mouse’s body offers is extremely comfortable to hold which makes sure that you don’t tire your hands out while using it

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Furthermore, it provides a solid yet light physique designed for weight reduction. It has a simple matte plastic body with an illuminated SteelSeries logo in the front. This is one of the gaming mice that use textured rubber for a better grip which allows you not to lose control. Simultaneously it also has two buttons on each side of the body that can be reassigned to different positions


  •  It is a mouse that is perfect for gamers that use the palm or claw grips which makes it ergonomically a good choice.
  • The 12000 DPI TrueMove optical sensor ensures good movement tracking and hence an overall great performance for this gaming mouse.`
  • The button bindings, RGB lightings and the DPI are all adjustable.



  •  The SteelSeries Sensei 310 does not provide you with the option of adjusting weights which makes it unsuitable for gamers who prefer a comparatively heavier gaming mouse.
  • The cable of the SteelSeries Sensei 310 is not braided and is non-renewable which is a big question mark considering its price.
  • This gaming mouse is mainly built of plastic which compromises the aesthetic appearance of the mouse, an important consideration for some people.


Logitech G502

Carrying on the dark and moody look of its predecessors the Logitech G502 combines matte black plastic for primary buttons and grips while a glossy plastic is aesthetically used for extra buttons. The matte finish hides the hand grease while the glossy parts, not so much

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It is a gaming mouse with ergonomically sound button placement to make sure that you can easily access all necessary buttons with your fingers. Being one of those gaming mice that can be mistaken for a blade, it sports hard edges to give it an aesthetically pleasing look which goes perfectly with a gaming battle station


  •  Equipped with the HERO optical sensor this little beast packs a DPI range of 100-16000 DPI and a 1000Hz polling rate which gives you flawless movement tracking.
  •  A scroll wheel which can be set to infinite scrolling, allowing it to continuously spin for almost 10 seconds after a good flick.
  •  Although it has a comparatively heavy weight, it glides well despite that.



  •  You won’t always praise the extra buttons this gaming mouse sports, due to the extra buttons accidental misclicks are much more likely.
  • The update from its predecessor is to some extent disappointing considering the lack of changes made to this mode.
  • A hard-edged design although perfect for aesthetic purposes isn’t always a great choice for ergonomics since the design of this gaming mouse isn’t ideal for multiple grips.
  •  It can be a slightly problematic mouse to use for individuals with large hands.


Logitech MX Verical

If your take on doing good in PUBG or League of Legends is having an ergonomically superior mouse, then this is the mouse for you. Although it is not suitable for the comfort of all people, it is still specifically designed to offer ergonomically superior capabilities. 

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The futuristic design the Logitech MX Vertical is not only the first gaming mouse to do so it is also aesthetically pleasing to see At first sight, the Logitech MX Vertical might not look like a gaming mouse that will offer you comfort, but its design is one which makes it feel almost natural to hold. Made with hard plastic and rubberized material for the thumb and palm this is one of the only gaming mice that directly tackle the ergonomics of gaming mice directly


  • It is a wireless mouse which offers multiple connectivity options for it including, Bluetooth and USB.
  • The ergonomic design it has offers top-notch comfort to make sure your hands don’t get tired after playing.
  •  Equipped with a four-month built-in battery, the Logitech MX Vertical is a gaming mouse built to last.



  • Although it feels natural to hold, to get to that feeling one would have to get used to holding the unique and odd design this gaming mouse has.
  •  For a mouse that focuses mainly on ergonomics and not software, this gaming mouse is overpriced.
  • It doesn’t have a slot for a wireless receiver.


Logitech G Pro Wireless

When you combined ergonomics with the performance, you get the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Having an ambidextrous design which is tailor-made to be suitable for both left-handed and right-handed individuals this gaming mouse is the perfect option for versatility. Equipped with removable buttons on both sides Logitech has made sure to cover all the bases with this one

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In terms of aesthetics however the Logitech G Pro Wireless lacks due to its plain look with a matt black plastic finish. It is topped off by a unique RGB-illuminated Logitech G logo which tries to add a bit of aesthetic capabilities to the mouse. Logitech has gone all out with this gaming mouse  by calling it ‘the ultimate gaming mouse for esportsprofessionals.’ Not only does it sport good ergonomics it also doesn’t shift focus from software intricacies.


  •  The smooth ergonomic design that sports offer the gamers using its supreme comfort which ensures the quality of your moves due to your comfort.
  •  Equipped with the HERO sensor this gaming mouse offers a DPI range from 100-16000 with flawless sensor performance.
  • Due to the Logitech Lightspeed Wireless, it is equipped with its wireless performance is one that is comparable to wired gaming mouse performances.



  • The build of this gaming mouse might be too small for some users who take away from ergonomics
  •  If it gives high quality, it gives it at a high price which lowers the affordability of this gaming mouse.


gaming mouse infographic

Factors to Consider Before Buying Gaming mouse

Gaming can be a rage-inducing activity that is especially the case when the quality or lack of specifications of your gaming mouse becomes the reason why your win ratio in DOTA or KD, ratio in Call of Duty keeps dropping. In order to maximize your skill, just playing and learning the game isn’t enough. There is a limit to how much just sheer skill can make you progress. Sometimes you just need more advanced equipment to make progress more accessible.

Gaming mice are one of those gears that are essential to make the machine of progress work. Having a gaming mouse that fits your gaming style and your literal hand perfectly is essential. There are multiple companies which manufacture and sell various types of gaming mice tailor-made for the comfort and accessibility of gamers worldwide. Giants of the gaming mouse manufacturing industry include Logitech, Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, Mad Catz, and CM Storm. These companies are the leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals and accessories — the most successful amongst these companies being Logitech and Razer which manufacture the best gaming mice every year.

Each of these companies has their own trademark specifications they add to their gaming mice. Whether it be the HERO sensor of Logitech or the glowing LED of Razer, they produce a range of different gaming mice that have distinct specifications, ergonomics, and aesthetical designs. Contrary to what people might think gaming miceare available for a wide range of prices. Some of the cheaper gaming mice at times offer more specifications as more expensive ones which gives the users a wide variety to choose from. These prices can be as low as $30 and as high as $147.99. Gamers with all kinds of budgets can improve their gaming capabilities by investing in a gaming mouse to prevent their rage.

Different Gaming mouse for different Games

For every type of game, you will find gaming mice tailor-made for the accessibility of its players. Instead of picking a mouse that is a jack of all trades one can pick a gaming mouse that specializes in bettering their skill in one specific game type. There are four gaming genres:

1. RTS or Real Time Strategy

2. MMO or Massively Multiplayer Online

3. FPS or First Person Shooter

4. RPG or Role Playing Games

You will find gaming mice tailor-made for one specific genre and gaming mice that are good to use for all game types. For instance, while the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum performs well for all games, the Corsair Scimitar Pro specializes in boosting your progress in MMO. Without such a mouse you won’t get far in League of Legends.

Consider Your Gaming mouse Grip

Every gamer has their own grip stance that they feel most comfortable in. This is not only essential for the comfort of a gamer but also significantly affects how well you play. The three types of gaming mouse grips are:

1. Palm Grip

2. Claw Grip

3. Finger Grip

The palm grip is where your hand completely rests on the mouse which is ideal for individuals who want their palms placed on the mouse. While the claw grip is distinct by having the Index and middle fingers arching backward, the fingertip grip only consists of just 2 fingers and a thumb that touches the mouse. The rest of the hand remains in the air.

Technological to Keep on mind

a) Sensitivity

The DPI or Dots per inch measures the sensitivity of your gaming mouse. The DPI of a mouse is supposed to be between a few hundred to few thousands. The higher the DPI of your mouse the faster it moves on your screen. Different DPI’s are suitable for different games; hence you should consider this before buying a gaming mouse.

b) Sensors

Laser sensors are suitable for use on reflective surfaces while optical sensors are best suited for rough surfaces. Choose your mouse in accordance to the surface you will be using it on for the best DPI return.

c) Movement Predictability

This is important when it comes to the movement of hands by different gamers. A gaming mouse which has good movement tracking technology installed is better at dismissing erratic hand movements and only tracking intentional, meaningful movements. For instance, the latest Logitech gaming mice equipped with the HERO sensor are considered to be one of the best in this regard.

d) Programmable Buttons

Most gaming mice come equipped with a set of programmable buttons which makes a number of game directions easier. The better gaming mice consist of more programmable buttons to all you to execute actions with hotkeys for instance weapon buttons for FPS games.

e) Acceleration

The acceleration of a mouse is in accordance with the ratio of speed of the pointer to the speed of hand motions. Games that have a lower-sensitivity need to accommodate the acceleration since at times they require more frequent hand motions. This is especially important to consider in the case of FPS games since if you don’t aim for the head, then your aim is bad.

f) On board Profiling

Onboard profiling is a must if you are a seasoned gamer who isn’t afraid to spend those 1000 hours on DOTA to actually get good at it after playing years of Counter-Strike. Onboard profiling allows you to create different profiles for different games. These profiles consist of your customized controls that you have programmed specifically for distinct games.

g) Weight

This might not be an important thing to consider for some gamers since it is something you can adjust to over time. It is, however, important for the comfort and feels while playing a game. This is why a number of gaming mice come equipped with adjustable mouse weights which cater to this aspect of a gaming mouse.

Final Thoughts

When buying a gaming mouse, it is absolutely essential for you to pay attention to detail. If you don’t, it is very likely that you will end up with an expensive gaming mouse that does not support your play style while you could’ve bought one which did for a much lower cost.