Biden Moves from (1% Joe) to 53% Joe.

13-06-2019 02:06

Democratic Party Presidential Primaries.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden taking Jabs in upcoming primaries.

The mood is sombre at Capitol Hill as Democrats battle with impeachment mechanisms and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi affirming that impeachment is not yet off the table. The general perspective is that Democrats will look weak if they don’t impeach. The current situation however puts the impeachment drive in a grey area with only 59 out of 235 House Democrats supporting the impeachment inquiry.

I vividly recall Trump’s attack to former Vice President Joe Biden during US midterm elections when he referred to him as “1% Joe”. This is evident that Biden’s moving from 1% Joe to almost 54% Joe is no good news to Donald Trump. Biden is seen treading carefully by doing less attacks to Trump in primaries though he maintains it’s policy at stake something he believes affects every American.

In the same spirit Biden does not forget to give credit to former US President Barack Obama who he refers to as a great leader America has had, citing the family ties between them that makes Biden’s daughter the best friend of Sasha Obama. He calls Trump an existential threat.
Alongside this level of former Vice President’s momentum is a cross section of political commentators in the US who think Biden is leading Democrats primaries but lagging in enthusiasm.
According to Quinnipiac poll, Biden leads Trump by 13 points. A University widely known for its poll; the publicity it has generated has been credited with increasing the university’s enrollment. … It conducts public opinion polls on politics and public policy as a public service as well as for academic research.
The CNN poll has also put the 2020 election prediction placing Biden at 53% against Trump’s 40% in the 2020 race whereas the same poll has also put Biden at 24% leading in Democrats primaries trailed by Sanders at 16% and Warren at 15%.

In the midst of all these developments that are seen to move Biden from 1% Joe to what he is now, Trump is placed in a cage of frustration looking at Biden’s lead in polls with acute indifference that he could not any longer to dub Biden a “Dummy” who is weak mentally.

All in all, its still early to conclude on whether Trump’s rhetoric will backfire and his policies paralyzed by Biden’s humorous, strategic and calculative attacks will achieve significant buy-in as Trump continues to become more assertive.
Biden us currently leading in the States of Texas, Pennsylvania and Iowa. Whether he sustains the lead in primaries will depend on Trump’s popularity ratings as they may either keep undulating, in sharp rise it in a nosedive. The situation calls for waiting to count ghd eggs before they are hatched.

Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at new polling results showing the president in deep trouble as he mounts his 2020 re-election bid.
A day after a survey found at least six Democratic Presidential candidates would defeat Trump in a head-to-head election matchup, the president revived his attacks on the media while dismissing the numbers as, in his view, “fake polling”.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today. Thank goodness we can fight back on Social Media,” Trump tweeted. “Their new weapon of choice is Fake Polling, sometimes referred to as Suppression Polls (they suppress the numbers). Had it in 2016, but this is worse…”
Trump went on to deny a report invthd New York Times that his campaign’s own internal polling found him in a weak position across 17 states.

The 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries and caucuses will be a series of electoral contests organized by the Democratic Party to select the approximately 3,768 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention, who by pledged votes shall elect the Democratic nominee for president of the united states in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.
The elections are scheduled to take place from February to June 2020, within all fifty U.S. states, the District of Columbia, five U.S. territories, and Democrats Abroad.

An extra 764 unpledged delegates (super delegates), including party leaders and elected officials, will be appointed by the party leadership independently of the primary’s electoral process; but their influence towards electing the presidential nominee has been significantly reduced after the DNC decided to remove their right to cast decisive votes on the first ballot of presidential nominating conventions (limiting their voting rights to either indecisive votes on the first ballot or decisive votes for subsequent ballots on a contested convention. The convention also approves the party’s political platform and vice-presidential nominee.

25 major candidates have entered the race for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination, of which one candidate Richard Ojeda has opted to withdraw before the first official debate so far. This is the largest presidential primary field for any political party in American history, exceeding the field of 17 major candidates that sought the Republican
Presidential nomination in 2016.

The writer Roger Paul Kamugasha is an investigative Journalist and expert in the US election analysis.