The 13 Heart Tugging Tweets you need to see about Bradley Cooper’s Love Triangle

12-06-2019 16:06

Ever since, “A Star is Born”, emotionally changed our lives forever, and we witnessed the undeniable chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, our world has been rocked. Rumors have been swarming in regards to how their on screen chemistry would turn in to off screen chemistry and what would happen between Bradley and his wife, Irina Shayk. In recent news, however, it seems Bradly and his wife have officially split.

Naturally, Twitter has some very strong insights on what in the world is possibly going on between Gaga and Cooper since this lates release:

But Lady Gaga seems to be unfazed by the rumors and accusation 

Some people are extremely for the Gaga and Cooper relationship


….But some are NOT

And with all this buzz, you know the memes are going to roll in

I guess we wont ever know what is going on between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga until one of them speaks on it, but until then everyone else in the world is going to speak about the subject for them.