A Fresh Week….

18-06-2019 11:06

As I sit here contemplating what diet to try this week to lose these god forsaken 35+ pounds I’ve accrued over the last few years. I think about the keto diet that didn’t go so well two weeks ago. Atkins. Low carb. Intermittent fasting. Not eating. Eating very little. The list goes on and on with what I’ve already tried.

I have to say, the best I’ve ever felt is when I went vegan about eight years ago. I felt light. Had energy. I juiced all the time. It was great. I’m trying to think what’s different from then til now and why can’t I seem to limit my meat intake even going vegetarian until I get the hang of it?

Life. Life is different. I don’t have the same drive. I’m busy with three businesses. Time. Time is my biggest asset and equally my biggest problem. I’m struggling with time blocking and sticking to those time blocks. Because again, life. Life happens. And then I get derailed.

How did a post about planning a change in diet turn in to a post about time blocking? Not sure. But it does sum up my life. It’s everywhere. All over the place. Trying to reign it all in. I’ll keep you posted. But for this week, a week before my 43rd birthday and 19th year wedding anniversary, my focus is getting my mind organized. Equal focus. Find peace in the time block. It is my friend. Be lenient on my diet changes. Easing in to it will help make it permanent.

Welcome to my world. I’m all over the place. How do you keep your life together?