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21-06-2019 01:06

Rapunzel Disneybound – 6/19/2019

Rapunzel is one of my absolute favorite Disney Princesses and for this week’s Disneybound I knew I wanted to do a fun Princess look!

Outfit Details: GET THE LOOK

Dress from amazon, I have it in Light Purple and it is super comfortable and flattering!

Belt from Kohls, but I found one similar from amazon! Mine is gold glitter, you could also do a pink belt to pull out the pink in Rapunzel’s dress

Purse is also from kohls: I love using fun shaped novelty purses because they add a statement to your outfit! You can find lots of great shaped purses from amazon, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, or even from the Disney Parks just to name a few!

Shoes are from Keds: I love that they are cute while still being comfortable! I normally buy mine from kohls but am also eyeing a few glitter keds from their website.

Ears are by me! You can check out my ear shop @BowsandBounds on Instagram or Facebook. I don’t always wear ears with my bounds but I love incorporating the aspects of a bound into my ears like with these Rapunzel Ears!

Accessories are always my favorite part to put together, and for this bound I chose a few key accessories: Lantern Earrings made by me, a necklace with Rapunzel’s sun from the Tokyo Disney Store, my Rose Gold Alex and Ani Stack, and a Magic Band Bow from my friends over at MouseonMainStreet!

Did you also notice Pascal?? I don’t often incorporate plush into my Disneybounds but I always have to make an exception for this little guy! I sewed a safety pin on to his underside so that I can clip him right onto my shoulder and wear him around the parks! He’s the perfect extra photo prop to take pictures with throughout the day.

Rapunzel: Where do I start?

Planning a Rapunzel Disneybound? Start with the basics: the dress. I always find that the hardest part is finding the perfect shade of lavender to match Rapunzel herself! As you can see in my photos, this dress is an almost perfect match which is one of the reasons I always come back to it.

Don’t forget to have fun with it and embrace your own sense of style!

Have any questions? Feel free to ask!! I am always happy to share my bounding planning process or give advice to anyone who needs it!

Love, Jenn