Me and Dan

12-07-2019 08:07

Hello, it’s me, Lucy, again… Thanks for coming back!

Ok, so I thought for my second post, I would write a little bit about me and Dan. We recently got married and I planned the majority of the wedding, which I loved, and I would like to share my experience so that I can hopefully help you if you are currently involved, or maybe one day involved, in planning a wedding. So, rather than firing straight into wedding talk (even though I actually can’t wait to do that), I thought it would be nice to post a little bit about me and Dan to begin with, just so there’s some kind of order to what I’m blogging about.

This October we will have been together for 6 years, although please don’t ask the date of our anniversary because we have both forgotten it for the last 3! We have both agreed that we will just wish each other a ‘happy anniversary’ at some point in October but recognise now that the real anniversary is the date that we got married, hopefully one of us should be able to remember that!

We knew of each other through our best friends, although we didn’t get together straight away. After a while we started talking, through Twitter of all places. I was asking Dan for some advice about Marbella, seen as he had spent quite a lot of time there, and I was due to go with my best friend before her wedding. Anyway, after a little while longer, we arranged to meet up and we went on our first date to the Alchemist in Leeds Trinity. I remember meeting Dan in the train station and thinking ‘wow his hair is short’ hahahaha. We arrived at the Alchemist and began to work our way through the cocktail menu. We drank a fair bit – I don’t actually think we had the same cocktail more than once. Although I discovered one of my favourite drinks that night, a peach margarita, I think we maybe had that one twice. A couple of months, and about 20 trips to YO Sushi later (we always went there when we first started seeing each other), Dan asked me to be his girlfriend, awww. We were in San Carlo’s on Greek Street. 18 months later we moved into our first home together and we still live here now, well half the time we do, or should I say I do?! We’ve had lots of parties in this house and created some amazing memories here. We started trying for a baby early 2017. We were really lucky as it didn’t take long before I fell pregnant, but unfortunately I ended up having a miscarriage. We were obviously devastated but just accepted the fact that it wasn’t our time. We ended up booking a city break to Rome for a couple of months later on, more so that we had something to look forward to. Little did I know what Italy was going to have in store for us!

I’d had a couple of hectic days before we went to Rome. One of Dan’s friends from work had recently got engaged, and so they were having an engagement party in Cardiff on the Sunday, and we were going away on the Wednesday. So I drove down for the party and then went back up home on the Monday night, as I had a day full of clients on the Tuesday. I worked back to back from 8.30am to 9.45pm to get all my clients in with me having a few days off that week, and I then drove to Cardiff at 10.30pm, ready for Rome the next day. I still can’t believe I actually did that! So when the day actually came, I was so ready for it! I remember when we were driving to the airport from Cardiff, I was thinking to myself, Dan seems quite stressed out. Dan is that laidback he could fall over at times, so I wondered if something was wrong, but to be fair, we were running quite late so I just assumed he was panicking we were going to miss the flight or something. I didn’t think anything else of it after that. We arrived on time thankfully, and managed to get ourselves to Rome in one piece. Our bags took ages to come off the carousel. Dan was stressing out again hahaha. I had had a few glasses of wine by then so I was totally oblivious to why he might have been stressed. I just remember listening to an old Italian guy sat playing the piano in the airport, I was having the time of my life, at least one of us was ha. Eventually the bags turned up, he was calm again and we got a taxi to our hotel. The hotel was beautiful, and we got to drive past loads of Roman ruins on the way which was amazing to see. Dan had got us a really nice room, it was unbelievable. I remember him going out into the garden of the room and telling me to stand on a step that looked over the wall, he said he could see some Roman ruins, so I went out and had a look. All I could see were parked cars! So I got down and turned round, and he was knelt on the floor on one knee. I asked him if he had fallen over (I’m not joking, I genuinely asked that because I couldn’t work out why he was on the floor). Then he asked me to marry him, and I asked him if he was joking, I think I was just in shock! I obviously soon realised that he wasn’t joking. It was perfect. Well perfect to me anyway. There was only us around. It was night time and it was really peaceful where we were. When we had spoken to our friends and family to share the news we went out for some drinks and a pizza. It was actually the best pizza I had ever eaten, I’m not even kidding.

So there you have it. That is how we got engaged.

We’ve had our harder times like normal couples but we have always managed to work through and get to where we are today, and I suppose the rest is history…

One thing I need to mention throughout all this though is Dan, and how he has made Freddie a part of his life, regardless of the fact that he isn’t his son, he treats him like his son and that is not an easy thing to do. Freddie had just turned 3 when Dan and I got together, we were both 23 at the time (well I was ha, Dan was 22 – he is 6 months younger than me). Me and Freddie’s dad had recently split up and I had moved back home to live with my mum and stepdad for a while. I was really lucky that I was in that position where I was able to go back home for a bit, as I know everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to do that. Freddie was at quite a difficult age and was obviously going through quite a lot of change too, and Dan was still only young himself. So the beginning of our relationship faced a lot of challenges. As I said earlier though, these difficult times helped us become stronger and got us to where we are today.

I don’t like to dwell on the past too much because that’s done, it’s over with and there’s nothing that we can change, but, we can certainly learn from what’s happened and potentially change things in future if we need to. I don’t want to put too much personal stuff out there about our life, but I wanted to make a point of sharing the fact that the start of our relationship wasn’t perfect and that we’ve had to face harder times too, because that’s the whole point in me writing an honest blog, to reinforce that life isn’t perfect but that’s okay. As long as you aren’t harming anyone, and nobody is harming you, that’s when it’s not okay and you definitely shouldn’t pretend that it is okay then.

So moving on from the past to where we are now… we have our home in Huddersfield and then we also have our home in Cardiff. Dan is mainly in Cardiff and I split my time between there and Huddersfield. It’s been this way for the past 2 years now, and I’m not going to lie, it has taken some adjusting to. But we get on with it and we just really appreciate the time that we get to spend together. It doesn’t mean to say that it’s not difficult anymore, but we just adapt where we need to and try to see the positives out of the situation.

Now that I’ve introduced you to me and a bit more about my life, I think I’d like to dedicate my next blog to the run up to our wedding; the planning, the suppliers we used, my hen party, etc. Hopefully some of you will find this interesting!

I plan to finish all of my blogs in the same way, and that is just a simple reminder to always be kind. You don’t know what battles someone might be facing in life and there will always be a reason behind why someone is behaving a certain way.

Thanks again for taking time out to read about me and my life, it really does mean a lot.

Lucy x