Hitting England to Greece to New Orleans

12-07-2019 03:07

There are some heavy storms headed from the East to West, although the head of civil protection in northern Greece, Charalambos Steriadis, used the words “unprecedented phenomenon” to describe the devastating aftermaths of an ongoing tragedy.

Two children have been killed due to an abrupt storm that came out of nowhere in Greece. Six tourists have been killed visiting a popular tourist attraction during the storm

While mother nature runs her course, she heads slowly over to southern America, starting with floods of rain nearly 5 feet deep in New Orleans. This isn’t even the start of Hurricane Barry yet, but best believe everyone is preparing after the suffering of Katrina.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency in Louisiana before the storm begun at the start of the rains as they began to rise foot after foot.

Back across the ocean, the wind has been reported to have hit stronger than 60 mph (100km/h).

Officials in the area say nearly 8 people have been killed, but the numbers could rise as a result of this storm that came out of nowhere. 140 people have been injured, with 65 treated by paramedics. Witnesses of the storm say the worst part lasted only 20 minutes.

Most of those injured in Halkidiki, Greece, were tourists as the location where the worst areas of the storm hit were popular tourism attractions.

More travel disruptions and thousands suffering in their homes from as nearly a month of rain falls in two hours in Scotland and Northern England. The heavy showers all over the globe at the moment are flooding hundreds and thousands of homes by the second.

Rest in Peace to the lives lost, and please brace yourselves for the oncoming weather ahead of those suffering Hurricane Season.