16-05-2019 16:05


So today is the 17th of May, this is international day against homophobia bi phobia and Trans phobia.  It’s a again when we remember all of our LGBT brothers and sisters who have been affected by homophobia bi phobia and Trans phobia.

The vast majority of people in the LGBT Communities will have at some point in their life experienced stigma, discrimination and prejudice because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and or gender identity.  It would be safe to say that perhaps every single person who identifies LGBT has experienced this is only used once.

Even with progress in terms of equality in many of the western European countries, some Latin American countries and Australia and New Zealand.  We have to remember that there are 70 countries at least that in prison LGBT people purely because they are LGBT, sentences ranging from two years to life.  Needless to say, the societies are far from LGBT friendly so not only do they face prison they face discrimination and violence former own communities.  And a number of these countries carry the death sentence for being LGBT recently Brunei tried to introduce the death penalty for gay sex between two men.  Rightly there was an international outcry and Hollywood actors such as George Clooney were raising the profile of this situation.  Brunei eventually backtracks and said they wouldn’t stone gay men to death by having gay sex.  But they will face prison and as I said before discrimination and ostracization from their own communities and families.

Even in the UK with marriage equality, regular gay characters in all of the soap’s and now Trans characters also appearing weak our rest on our laurels we have of course the TeRFTS, Trans exclusory radical feminists who are doing all they can to whip up hatred and discrimination against Trans women.  Go as far as to interrupt gay pride Marches, obviously they forget very conveniently that these Marches were started off by the Trans community and I only that by the Latino and black Trans women and people.

In addition to this we are a climate politically of popularism and since Brexit three years ago hate crime has spiraled and this includes hate crime towards LGBT people, the people who a blaming the immigrants and people with brown faces of the country’s ills on too happy with us either.  We can’t be complacent; we can’t just carry on without at the back of our minds being aware of how under stable the political landscape is with Brexit and the likes of Nigel Forage and Tommy Robinson whipping up hatred towards minority groups.

Plus recently the work of No Outsiders an organisation that teaches primary school children about diversity and difference has seen resistence to their LGBT aspect of this with muslims and christians protesting outsode schools at what they see as indocrination of their children and language similar to that of section 28 being usedd.

So on IDAHOBIT day we need to give thanks to all those had gone before us for getting us in the position where we are today, we need to think about our brothers and sisters who were less fortunate and put international pressure on these countries to adapt am become more LGBT accepting.  There we also need to be mindful of where we’re at two and we need to ensure that straight Allies will have our backs if the political climate changes and god forbid, we get someone like the Brexit party in power.