Benildus retain Leinster Intermediate title

12-05-2019 14:05

A final board shoot-out between Leon and Ben saw the club retain the Leinster Intermediate title won last year, while there was some good performances in other sections as well.

The top section started, unusually, with a club derby – one of the quirks of the Leinsters is that the draw is set up to exclude club derbies for the first three rounds, but the Senior section was presumably so small that the rule wasn’t enforced, which is why Stephen and Tim met in round 1. Tim won, and picked up a second FM win later in the tournament when beating Colm Daly as well. His 3½/6 earned joint third and a 31 point gain, while Stephen also finished on the same score and also beat Colm along the way.

In the Intermediate, we started off with a quick win when Vjeko got a walkover in round 1. By the time of his draw against the Great Benildus Slayer in round 4, though, he could equally be said to have had no wins all weekend, though he sorted that out with two wins on the Monday – including one against our Heidenfeld opponents next week – to end on 4/6. Lara and Slavko ended on 3 and 2½ respectively, but we did have a monopoly on board 1 where Leon started off with three wins before slipping to 1½/3 in the second half of the tournament, including games against the only two players to finish ahead of him. A draw in round 4 was followed by a game against Ben in the final round, which Ben won as black. The tie-break went Ben’s way as well, and while both Ben and Adam are Malahide Intermediate champions, only Ben is Leinster Champion. 100 points is Ben’s reward and this, coupled with the 200 points Leon gained at the Irish International Open, means there’s a bit of a shake-up starting to take place at the top of the club’s ratings list.

We had a good run in the Junior as well. Eric, as per usual lately, was only a half point off winning the tournament, although with four joint winners, he ultimately placed joint fifth. However, a strong showing at the Irish Open just beforehand, coupled with an extra 23 points here, means that he’s up to 1250 and can finally look forward to leaving behind the tough world of the Under 1200 sections. 107 points for Yubo, who also ended on 4½/6, means he’s also gone over the 1200 mark (just!), while Fearghal completed a trio of Benildus players just off the lead and his 25-point gain means he should be close enough to 1200 to be allowed play up if he wants. Between them, they lost only one game of the 18 over the weekend.

The three Bueckerts, meanwhile, were also all up points. Lucy started with 2/2 before dropping back with 1/4 to end on 50%, but still enough to be up 20 points. Also on 50% was Helen, who gains 64 points, while Diana picked up a solitary one point after finishing on 2/6 – but still better than losing points of course!