A question of character.

24-06-2019 21:06

I’m going to go on record here. I despise Jeremy Hunt. Its important I get this statement out now so that this isn’t interpreted as me throwing my support behind him for Tory Leadership.

The reason for this is because of the events of the weekend, where police were called to BoJo and his girlfriend after an explosive row.

Now here is my issue.

BoJo was believed to be unfit to lead the Tories three years ago. He has bumbled his way through everything since. He is a political embarrassment. His record as Mayor of London should speak for itself even if we don’t include his buffoonery and general f**kwittery in the years proceeding it. That’s not even including the outright lies he was part of during the Brexit campaign trail or his short-lived time as foreign secretary where he became an international laughing stock, (which ended as he quit in protest to Darth May’s stance), he didn’t care about him putting his foot in it and endangering the life of a political prisoner in Iran (Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe). His recent twitter endorsement from Trump speaks volume’s.

So what exactly has he done to make the Tories think he is fit to lead them? How has he improved his standing?

My best guess is the Tories still need a scapegoat. Boris is just too blinded by his own political ambitions to realise.

He is a dangerous wildcard purely in place to deliver that hard no deal Brexit that is going to cripple most us and benefit the very few.

But then there were the allegations of altercations with his girlfriend.

Neighbours were that concerned they called out the police. This action has been attacked stating it is nothing to do with his politics. That the neighbours should have minded their own business, that his personal life is just that, personal. Others have called it a Remainer smear campaign calling into question the actions of the neighbours. Yep it now seems that the Tories stance on DV is for us to mind our own business.

Now if you were working as a manager responsible for a care home, charged with the care of 50 people and you were involved in an alleged, highly publicised, Domestic Violence incident, as the (again alleged) perpetrator then you would, rightly so, be suspended whilst work investigated. However, if you are in the running for PM, where you would be in charge of the running of the entire country, apparently its fine.

Boris Johnson may have been seen as a bit of a lark before. A bit of a joke. But DV isn’t a joke and he need’s to stand up and answer questions about this. He needs to show what integrity he does have by being frank and honest.

Problem is, I honestly don’t feel that he has ANY INTEGRITY.

Now, whenever I post anything like this I am quite often called out and asked do you think Corbyn will do any better? Will a General Election fix things at this point?

The answer is no, We are too far gone; Magic Grandpa can’t save the world. Despite what his most ardent followers think, Corbyn is at best is a political activist. But as a political leader? Nope

Labour are incapable of being a genuine opposition. I don’t trust the Lib Dems, and the Green Party don’t have the strength in numbers. So Nope. Hmmmmmm, well what do we have left?

The Brexit Party?


Nope to both of those from me. A swing towards an even harder far right wouldn’t be beneficial for anybody.

Politics is dead in this country. All because of the pig f***er trying to reunite the Tories. His gambit failed and we are all pretty f***ed.

British politics is best summed up as a cult of personality. Whoever’s voice best resonates with the idiotic masses (regardless of their capability or character) will lead us all over the cliff, and we will happily skip along because the f***ing media tells us to.