December 5: A Perfect Circle

07-12-2018 14:12

It has been a long time since I went to a rock gig, and even longer since I went to anything at Wembley (the arena, not the stadium).

The gig was good. The music was loud, as expected, and energising. The lighting for the support act (Chelsea Wolfe) was very poor, so much that I couldn’t even see her from my seat halfway along the south side of the lower tier. It wasn’t much better for the main band, but at least they had an interesting video backdrop. This lack of lighting was the only disappointment for me, as I like to be able to see the artists as well as hear them. You won’t find many pictures of the show online, because there was a ban on photography until the very last song, when suddenly cameras were allowed for a minute or so (at the point when the singer left the stage). Perhaps he’s shy. I was surprised that this gig, the only one in London, wasn’t fully booked. But there was a football match at the stadium next door, so maybe that put some people off attending. I enjoyed it, anyway.