Morpheus on… Old Poti (plural of POTUS?)

13-06-2019 02:06

Despite there being no shortage of young, eager-eyed hopefuls (at the time of typing, over TWENTY) vying for The Job, the current pollsters’ numbers One and Two are old Joe Biden and equally-old Bernie “feel the burn” Sanders. And elsewhere in these ramblings, this writer has mithered over their extreme senescence (old age).

But maybe he is WRONG (it has happened). The thing is, the average Western White Male pegs out at seventy-nine (and his sisters at eighty-two) and Joe and Bernie would both be all of that when they STARTED.

However, I have done a little research (so you don’t have to) and discovered that contemporary Poti live LONGER than us mortals.

Specifically, after Tricky Dick passed at eighty-one, Gerry Ford lasted for ninety-three years, as did Reagan (although he was Alzheimic for the last several) and Bush Senior made ninety-four, while Carter IS ninety-four – and still (again, at the time of typing) kicking arse and taking names.

So maybe this scribbler was being overly pessimistic about these old geezers…