UK/US Box Office March 15th- 17th week 11

19-03-2019 22:03



  1. Captain Marvel  –  £6,643,217 –  £23,657,527

Dropped 47.9% in its second weekend; fifth biggest second weekend MCU after Avenger Infinity War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers Assemble and Black Panther.

Had fourth lowest second weekend drops for MCU after Ant-Man, The incredible Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy due to not having previews.

Captain Marvel dropped more than Wonder Woman dropping 45% (40% without); after her disappointing opening of £6,179,616 (including £1,219,884 previews) which was affected by several non-film related issues including weather, cooler temperatures saw it take £3,480,956 in its second weekend. Captain Marvel has already overtaken Wonder Woman’s total box office of £22,086,045.

Took £17,014,310 in its first 7 days 8th biggest 7-day MCU (hard to make direct comparisons as most had extended openings)

Has become the biggest film of 2019

Captain Marvel is holding similar to 2013’s Iron Man 3 which took £6,307,191 in its second weekend and £24,568,956 going on to take £36,858,807; after 10 days on release most MCU films have taken about 65% of their final box office.

MCU UK March 18

Over 10 days on release has become 12th biggest MCU in the UK overtaking Doctor Strange, Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The incredible Hulk; will likely end up being the sixth biggest MCU between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Iron Man 3.

33rd biggest second weekend between The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the 69th biggest inflated second weekend between Borat and The World Is Not Enough (close to Mission: Impossible, War of the Worlds, The Matrix Reloaded and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2).

After 10 days on release Captain Marvel is the 172nd biggest film in the UK between Borat and Logan and Disney’s 36th biggest between Ratatouille and Wreck-It Ralph and 52nd biggest inflation inflated between Cars and Bolt.

25th biggest comic-book film in the UK between Hancock and Logan and 38th biggest inflation inflated between Iron Man and Logan.

The 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe films have taken almost £616m over the last 11 years (£650m inflation inflated).

Last Thursday Marvel released the second trailer for Avengers: Endgame featuring a small scene with Captain Marvel at the end. The trailer was viewed over 268m times within 24 hours the second most watched trailer ever in its first 24 hours. Avengers: Endgame first trailer was seen 289m times in its first 24 hours last year and the previous record holder was Avengers: Infinity War, with 230m views.

Wakanda Forever was trending om Twitter on Thursday night after Pierre Emerick Aubameyang scored for Arsenal in the Europa League and put on his famous Black Panther mask on to celebrate.

This weekend Jordan Peele’s Us opens it is expected to open #1 in the US, but Captain Marvel could hold top as Get Out didn’t perform as strongly in the UK.

  1. Fisherman’s Friends – £1,154,864 – NE

Over a quiet weekend of new releases Fisherman’s Friends had a strong opening with Entertainment Film Distributors pushing the British feel-good comedy heavily and opening it wide as they have done many times before from The inbetweeners films to Sex Lives of the Potato Men (celebrating its 15th anniversary last month has been called one of the worst British films of all time.

The film has been compared to feelgood British films including The Full Monty and Calendar Girls as  so have many similar films over recent years, but it’s very hard to open a film like this anymore

Sunshine on Leith opened in October 2013 with £770,239 taking £4,499,183

Finding Your Feet opened February 2018 with £923,220 taking £5,436,523

Swimming with Men opened July 2018 with £59,301 taking £322,555

With trailers playing before Fighting With My Family and all the doom and gloom Brexit news Fisherman’s Friends is the perfect tonic for cinemagoers.

Its 25 years ago in May since Four Weddings and a Funeral opened with £1,432,424 taking £27,369,755 (£60,802,963 inflation inflated) three years later The Full Monty opened with £1,600,000 taking £52,232,058 (£92,657,361 inflation inflated)

Over the years since there have many more feel-good British films from Billy Elliot to Calendar Girls that have had similar success all opening with similar box office (about a third more than Fisherman’s Friends. With ticket inflation over 50% since these films opened it does show have these films have been squeezed at the box office, and these films that would previously had long legs don’t last as long.

Always surprises me when a distributor choosing to open a film like Fisherman’s Friends in 500 screens as often a distributor would open a film limited wide and then expand further the following weekend. The only problem with this is if the film fails to connect with its audience in its first week its unlikely it will expand further.

eOne opened The Death of Stalin in October 2017 in 138 screens taking £995,458 adding 176 screens in its second weekend taking £812,288 down 18%; added 62 screens in its third weekend taking £520,275 total of £5,037,835.

With Us opening this weekend and then Easter films opening from the following week it gave Entertainment Films little options it was either go big or risk not going as wide as they wanted.

  1. What Men Want –  £836,612  –   NE  

Over a quiet weekend of new releases What Men Want opened nigger than might have expected for a film like this but is unlikely to last long in the top 10.

Opened in the US last month with mixed reviews opening with $19m and has taken $55m to date.

What Women Want opened in February 2001 with £3,375,075 (£5,886,000 inflation inflated) taking £17,091,251 (£29,806,481 inflation inflated).

What Men Want is unlikely to last for long in the charts.

  1. The Lego Movie: The Second Part –  £643,623  –   £17,522,377

Down 21.1% in its sixth weekend; taken 56.2% of The Lego Movie and 65.8% of The Lego Batman Movie box office after five weeks on release and 187% more than The Lego Ninjago Movie.

Many blamed The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part box office performance due to franchise fatigue and using similar marketing tactics as the previous films, but that is often the case with a sequel having many similarities with the previous film and marketing being the same.

Only need to look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was as most now admit a remake of A New Hope, its marketing was similar to previous Star Wars films (as Disney have also repeated for the three films that followed) but still took over $2bn worldwide.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is holding strongly took more than The Lego Batman Movie in its sixth weekend, the problem was it opened a week after How to Train Your Dragon 3 which saw both films cannibalize each other’s box office as both will come short to expectations.

Had Warner Bros held the film back a week would have still opened for half-term but would have given a two-week gap as both films didn’t have the normal weekend before previews children’s films normally have.

With half-term only one-week children’s have a small window for success as Easter is 8 weeks away and both films would be played out by then, February half-term is very lucrative for family films with cooler temperatures children have less options available to them for outdoor activities so will often go to the cinema. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and How to Train Your Dragon 3 both performed strongly during half term holidays this year.

October will see similar family film cannibalization with three films opening over three weeks before half-term holidays Angry Bird 2, Abominable and Shaun The Sheep 2. The two sequels both targetting a younger audience while many people will probably think Abominable is also a sequel opening a year after similarly themed Smallfoot and also Missing Link opening in April.

46th biggest Warner Bros film in the UK between The Matrix Revolutions and Justice League and 63rd biggest inflation inflated between Pokemon: The First Movie and Miss Congeniality (close to Interview with the Vampire, Miss Congeniality and Mad Max: Fury Road)

621st biggest animated film after five weeks between Tarzan and Ralph Breaks The Internet (which does highlight how both underwhelmed) and 77th biggest inflation inflated between Pokemon: The First Movie and Ralph Breaks The Internet

Sixth weekends   

2014’ s The Lego Movie #3 £815,020 down 18% and £31,128,785 of £32,887,286

2017’s The Lego Batman Movie #5 £515,771 down 37% and £26,602,135 of £26,771,191

2017’s The Lego Ninjago Movie #15 £60,365 down 69% and £9,378,170

After The Lego Movie: The Second Part has taken less than half of The Lego Movie worldwide box office $469.2m and half of The Lego Batman Movie $312m will Warner Bros continue the Lego universe, there were rumours of The Lego Batman Movie 2 among other Lego spinoffs.

  1. Fighting With My Family –  £632,598 –   £4,640,128

Down 38.3% in its third weekend;  

Holding less than Eddie the Eagle (#5) in its third weekend which took £794,616 down 37% and £7,277,594 (£8,613,352 total) but faced far less tough competition in its third weekend with The Jungle Book #1 opening with £9,901,921.

It’s the second film Stephen Merchant has starred with Dwayne Johnson; Tooth Fairy opened May 2010 dropped 32% in its third weekend taking £367,396 and £3,053,104 taking £3,866,018 (in the top 15 for 11 weeks).

After positive reviews, strong word of mouth and limited competition would have hoped Fighting With My Family would have held stronger.

UK box office in detail

This weekend’s top 10 box office took £11,537,479 down 33% from last weekend £17,220,357

The weekend admissions 1,597,989 down 32.6% from last weekend 2,372,387 average ticket $7.22 down from last year’s £7.49

16 films opened at weekend taking (£2,488,183); Fisherman’s Friends 46.4% (£1,154,864); What Men Want  33.6% (£836,612); remaining 13 films shared 19.9% (£496,706): Top three took 74.8% (£8,634,693) of the top 10; Captain Marvel (£6,643,217) 76.9%; Fisherman’s Friends (£1,154,864) 13.3%; What Men Want (£836,612) 9.7%   

The weekend was down 25.8% from 2018: (£15,554,372); Peter Rabbit (£7,273,207); Tomb Raider (£3,081,916); My Generation (£259,990); Mary Magdalene (£238,924); The Square (£221,256); #1 Peter Rabbit (£7,273,207) 1st week

Down 58.6% from 2017: (£27,866,587); Beauty and the Beast (£19,700,000); Get Out (£2,160,099); Personal Shopper (£116,265); The Salesman (£89,348); Wolves at the Door (£3,542) #1 Beauty and the Beast £19,700,000 1st week

Down 3.9% from 2016: (£12,014,397); Kung Fu Panda 3 (£4,771,131); The Divergent Series: Allegiant (£1,838,019); The Witch (£447,626); Anomalisa (£223,387); Fifty Shades of Black (£82,614); Against the Sun (£36): #1 London Has Fallen Kung Fu Panda 3 (£4,771,131 1st week

Up 97.5% from 2015; (£5,840,701); Run All Night (£823,833); Suite Francaise (£503,928); La Donna Del Lago – Met Opera 2015 (£227,203); X+Y (£154,374); The Sound Of Music 50th Anniversary (Re: 2015) (£25,089); #1 The Second-Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (£1,409,311); 3rd week 29% frop

Up  46.2% from 2014: (£7,889,493); Need for Speed (£2,011,249); Under the Skin (£238,694); Werther – Met Opera 2014 (£206,000); The Zero Theorem (£50,860); Veronica Mars (£33,769);  Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (£887); #1 Need for Speed £2,011,249 1st week

Up 99.9% from 2013: (£5,770,139); Welcome to the Punch (£460,250); The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (£305,936); Red Dawn (£255,448); The Paperboy (£141,881); #1 Oz: The Great and Powerful (£2,609,475) 2nd week 30% drop

Up 25.2% from 2012 (£9,214,984); The Devil Inside (£1,988,461); 21 Jump Street (£1,556,039); We Bought A Zoo (£850,651); Contraband (£683,654); In Darkness (£90,558); #1 The Devil Inside £1,988,461 1st week

Up 35.1% from 2011 (£8,539,922); Battle: Los Angeles (£1,792,913); Hall Pass (£900,936); Fair Game (£304,297); The Resident (£139,088); The Company Men (£36,785); #1 Rango Battle: Los Angeles £1,792,913 1st week

Down 18.5% from 2010: (£14,154,973); Shutter Island (£2,250,178); Green Zone (£2,087,368); Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (£442,753); The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (£378,434); #1 Alice in Wonderland (£7,343,506) 2nd week 30% drop

Up 17.1% from 2009; (£9,854,831); Marley & Me (£4,414,169); Bronson (£258,360); Hush (£45,760); The Burning Plain (£4,038); Not Quite Hollywood (£3,921); #1 Watchmen Marley & Me £4,414,169 1st week

Up 90.3% from 2008; (£6,060,351); 10,000B.C. (£1,932,539); The Cottage (£303,072); Hannah Montana 3-D (£241,119); #1 10,000B.C. £1,932,539 1st week

Up 131.8% from 2007:(£4,975,450); Premonition (£1,021,882); Stomp the Yard (£191,716); Factory Girl (£156,779); #1 Norbit £1,069,030 2nd week 46% drop

Up 81.9% from 2006; (£6,339,940): The Pink Panther (£1,944,581); V for Vendetta (£1,188,058); Tsotsi (£200,359); In My Country (£276) #1 The Pink Panther £1,944,581 1st week

Up 39.1% from 2005 (£8,299,197); Robots (£2,622,253); Constantine (£2,098,074); Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (£160,736); Darkness (£102,154); #1 Robots £2,622,253 1st week

Up 107.9% from 2004 (£5,547,158); Mona Lisa Smile (£1,190,923); Honey (£1,064,398); Starsky & Hutch (limited) (£412,326); The Passion of the Christ (limited) (£229,426); One Last Chance (£9,513); Principles of Lust (£5,601); #1 Mona Lisa Smile £1,190,923 1st week

Up 125.9% from 2003 (£5,105,380); The Life of David Gale (£725,698); Equilibrium (£548,043); Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (£356,623); Barbershop (£145,741); #1 Maid In Manhattan £1,281,755 2nd week 47% drop

Up 86.8% from 2002 (£6,175,130); 13 Ghosts (£738,210); The Royal Tenenbaums (£700,025); #1 Ocean’s Eleven (£1,357,063) 3rd week (5h week release) 27% drop  

Next weekend in 2018: (£11,575,592); Pacific Rim: Uprising (£1,655,186); A Wrinkle In Time (£655,542); Unsane (£478,451); Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Secret Cinema 2018) (£349,492); Proud Mary (£26,291); #1 Peter Rabbit (£4,595,239) 2nd week 37% drop

Box Office News

February admissions were 12.2m the lowest for over 17 years; 3.9m less than 2018; 4.2m less than 2017; 3.1m less than 2016; 3m less than 2015 and almost 7m less than 2002.

After a disappointing end of 2018 with Mary Poppins Returns being half the fil many expected it to be 2019 has started very softly even Captain Marvel strong opening and hold won’t likely save March. This week was over 25% down from last year (Peter Rabbit opened) and almost 60% less than 2017 (Beauty and the Beast) its unlikely either Us or Dumbo will be enough to boost March box office to last years levels.

Film News

After 83 years of being an independent studio at 12am Wednesday 20th Century Fox is acquired by Disney and becomes a label within the studio. What will happen to the famous studio is unknown Disney have said 20th Century Fox brands will be kept but they will likely make far fewer films probably similar to Touchstone Pictures did in the 80s and 90s.

UK Box Office Top 10

UK BO Mar 18

US Box office

US BO March 18

  • Captain Marvel – Disney

Dropped 55.7% in its second weekend taking $67.98m and $264.88m

Had the second biggest March second weekend after 2017’s Beauty and the Beast $90.4m;

18th biggest second weekend between Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Had the seven biggest MCU second weekend after Avengers Infinity War, Black  Panther, Avengers Assemble, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3

MCU US march 18

Took $119.7m from 54 territories and $189m and $760.2m worldwide; internationally took $80m and $340m and $600m worldwide; China $132.0m; Korea $36.5m; UK $30.9m; Brazil $24.3m; Mexico $22.4m; Australia $18.5m; Indonesia $16.1m; Russia $16.0m

Captain Marvel is #91 biggest film globally between 2012 and Maleficent

The 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe films have now taken $7.13bn in the US and $18.29bn worldwide

  • Wonder Park – Paramount Pictures

Opened with $15.85m; received poor reviews (26% Rotten Tomatoes score) and B+ CinemaScore

Playing to a younger audience as Sherlock Gnomes last March opened with $10.6m taking $43.24m

Wonder Park is the fourth film made by Paramount Animation after The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Monster Trucks and Sherlock Gnomes; launched in 2011 after the success of Rango and Dreamworks Animation moving to 20th Century Fox in 2013.

Wonder Park doesn’t have a director credit after its director Dylan Brown was fired from the project after multiple complaints of “inappropriate and unwanted behavior.”

Normally when a film has no director or has been removed Alan Smithee is credited as director, but it was discontinued in 2000 maybe due to the 1997’s An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn.

Sonic the Hedgehog  is their next animated film opening in November with The SpongeBob Movie: It’s a Wonderful Sponge and Clifford the Big Red Dog both set for release in 2020.


  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Universal Pictures

Dropped 36.8% in its fourth weekend taking $9.27m and $135.57m  

How to Train Your Dragon in March 2010 dropped 21% taking $19.63m and $158.25m total $217.58m

How to Train Your Dragon 2 in June 2014 dropped 32.3% taking $8.96m and $140.21m total $172.1m

The three How to Train Your Dragon films have taken $1.58bn worldwide and $530m in the US.

The 38 Dreamworks Animation films have taken over $15bn worldwide over the last 21 years; Shrek 2 biggest Dreamworks Animation film in the US taking $441.2m and $919.8m worldwide; in comparison the 9 Illumination Entertainment films have taken $4.1bn worldwide since 2007.

Took $9.4m from 63 territories and $330.9m and $466.5m worldwide; #228 biggest worldwide between Star Trek Into Darkness and The Matrix; How to Train Your Dragon took $494.9m worldwide and How to Train Your Dragon 2 $621.5m

  • Captive State – Focus Features

Opened with $3.13m; received poor reviews (47% Rotten Tomatoes score) and C- CinemaScore

The film was originally set for release in August 2018 delayed to March 2019; opened without press screenings, the only critics who got to see the film were those who attended junket interviews.

  • Five Feet Apart – Lionsgate

Opened with $13.19m; received average reviews (54% Rotten Tomatoes score) and A CinemaScore

Opened similar to Love, Simon $11.75m taking $40.82m and Everything, Everything $11.72m taking $34.12m

Opened stronger than expected playing to a strong female audience over 65% under 25.

  • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – Warner Bros

Dropped 44.4% in its sixth weekend taking $2.15m and $101.33m

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part has taken 39.3% of The Lego Movie; 57.6% of The Lego Batman Movie and 171% more than The Lego Ninjago Movie

Sixth weekends

2014’s The Lego Movie dropped 29.4% taking $7.7m and $236.92m of $257.76m; $469.2m worldwide

2017’s The Lego Batman Movie dropped 39.6% taking $4.6m and $167.32m of $175.75m; $312m worldwide

2017’s The Lego Ninjago Movie dropped 42.7% taking $1.27m and $56.45m of $59.28m; $123.1m worldwide

The four Lego Movies have taken almost $594m in the US and $1.07bn worldwide

Took $2.1m from 65 territories and $70.1m total and $171.5m worldwide; UK: $22.8m; Germany;  $4.1m; Poland: $3.4m; Mexico: $3.4m; Russia: $3.3m

  • Green Book – Universal Pictures

Down 49.9% in its 18th weekend taking $1.25m and $82.6m

Took $17.1m from 67 Lionsgate/Amblin territories $192m total and $242.6m #515 biggest film worldwide between Tomb Raider and The Expendables; top territories China $60.8m; France $12.6m; UK $11.8m; Germany $11.6m; Italy and Japan $10.2m

  • The Aftermath – Fox Searchlight

Opened with $56,419 from 5 screens

With a screen average of $11,500 its unlikely the film will go much wider;  with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney to be completed this week likely to of overshadowed much of the studios business over recent months studio executive have said about other upcoming films.

The Aftermath is 20th Century Fox’s final film distributed as an independent studio

Two weeks ago The Aftermath opened in the UK with £595,657 from 562 screens

UK Box Office Predictions

UK BO March 25 preds

Jordan Peele’s follow-up to 2017’s Get Out is expected to top the chart in the US but Get Out wasn’t as big a hit in the UK as the US.

Many use the 10% of US box office as a guide to a films UK box office which was the case with Captain Marvel’s second weekend but while Get Out opened with $33.37m in February 2017 (taking $176.04m) in the US opened three weeks later in the UK with £2,160,099 taking £10,053,463

Opening with only 6.5% of its US BO and taking 5.7%; this was similar to A Quirt place last year opening with $50.2m in the US and £2.69m in the UK 5.3% of opening and taking $187.51m and £11.8m 6.3% of total.

While The Nun also released last year opened with £4.09m 7.6% of US $53.8m but held surprisingly well taking £11.4m 9.7% of its US total of $117.3m despite poor reviews. Us has received critical acclaim currently with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

The Nun opening was inflated with £663,520 previews without took £3,434,678.

Normally in the third weekend for an MCU film its drop-off settles down from 50%+ due to previews in its second to mid-40s due to strong word of mouth could see a close battle for #1 between Captain Marvel and Us with Captain Marvel taking £3.6m+ in its third weekend and Us opening with £3m+.

Opening in UK Next Week

  • Dumbo – Disney

Fantasy adventure starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, and Alan Arkin and directed by Tim Burton

The eighth Disney live-action reimagination of a Disney animated classic film since 2010 made Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent (reimagination of Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh) they previous remade 101 Dalmatians in 1996.

In May release Aladdin, in July The Lion King and in October Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Mulan in 2020 with Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch and Cruella all in development.

Dumbo was strangely dated on March 29th known to many for the last two years as Brexit Day… were Disney making a statement when they dated Dumbo on this date or was it just a strange coincidence.

Disney live march 18

The nine Disney reimaginations have taken over £250m at the UK box office since 2010

  • The Highwaymen – Curzon/Netflix

Crime drama starring Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates and directed by John Lee Hancock.

Started developed in 2005 at Universal Pictures by writer John Fusco who originally had Paul Newman and Robert Redford in mind for the leads. In 2017 Netflix acquired the film from Universal Pictures Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner were signed for the leads.

Had its world premiere at South by Southwest receiving mixed reviews; released on Netflix and selected cinemas from March 29th.

  • Dumbo– Disney

Two weeks ago Dumbo was tracking to open anywhere between $28m-58m

Social media reaction has been mixed with many saying it looks incredible but…  embargo ends March 26th.

Tim Burton’s last film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children opened in September 2016 with $28.87m taking $87.24m; his previous two films Big Eyes and Frankenweenie underwhelmed at the box office.

His 2010 Alice in Wonderland reimagination started Disney’s current plan to remake their classic animated films into live-action films; opened in Marc 2010 with $116.1m taking $334.19m.

The 9 Disney reimaginations have taken $2.18bn in the US and $5.76bn worldwide over the last 9 years; in May Disney release Aladdin reimagination starring Will Smith directed by Guy Ritchie in May (trailers have received mixed reaction on social media as Jumanji how can Will Smith possibly replace Robin William’s iconic role of the genie) and The Lion King in July, which has confused many as it’s a live-action reimagination but the film looks like its animation

Many have also taken issue with the trailers as they look like they are scene by scene remakes of the animated classics, but as seen previously cinemagoers strangely accept it from Disney give them a remake of a film they have seen before as they did with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and also with Mary Poppins  Returns.

Many believe The Lion King will be one of the biggest films ever; the live-action reimagination opens 25 years after the animated film took $968.5m worldwide (#40 biggest film in the worldwide but in 1994 it was the second biggest film ever in the worldwide after Jurassic Park) $422.8m in the US and $545.7m internationally; its 2019 worldwide inflated box office would be over $2bn.

Disney used to re-release their classic animated films every few years in cinemas before they made them all available on home entertainment.

  • The Beach Bum – Neon

Comedy starring Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Stefania LaVie Owen, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron and Martin Lawrence and written and directed by Harmony Korine; Neon acquired US rights in May 2017

Had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 9, 2019 receiving mixed reviews (56% Rotten Tomatoes)