Roundup: David Ortiz Shooting Suspect in Custody; Frozen 2; Alabama Chemical Castration Law

12-06-2019 14:06

Olivia Culpo… The man suspected of shooting David Ortiz brought into custody… The USWNT got off to a strong start at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup… The new trailer for Frozen 2 was released… Alabama introduces a chemical castration law for sex offenders… Trump sends envoy to Sudan… Build a Bear brings back “Pay Your Age” policy… House votes to hold Barr in contempt… Germany plans to ban conversion therapy this year… Jon Stewart slams lawmakers for not showing up to 9/11 first responders hearing… Boy on unicorn drifts into sea in North Carolina… 40,000-year-old wolf’s head discovered in Siberia… Semi-truck crashes carrying 40,000 pounds of bees

Kevin Durant and Achilles, Two Heroes Who Had Decisions to Make [New Yorker]

The World According to Frank Ocean [Dazed]

Muslim Woman Investigates Own Hate Crime After NYPD Dismisses Case [Huffington Post]

The Day Music Burned: The Story of the 2008 Universal Fire [New York Times]

Excellent news. Really gotta get my own Nintendo Switch.

A legendary pic ahead of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

Interesting theory. All those songs are great though.

I’ll go with the ambient jungle noises others use to fall asleep.

Channing Frye for MVP.

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