My Spotify 2018 Wrapped

07-12-2018 06:12


This year, you listened to 4,523 different songs on Spotify. But which will be your #1?

Self Control. In the year 2016, 2018 and 3018, the answer will always be Frank Ocean.

But Spotify was kind enough to put together a cute little PowerPoint, so it’s only fair I’d slide in a comment or ten.


You started 2018 by listening to F With U by Kid Ink, and the first artist you discovered was DAY26.

Oh, yikes. No better way to ring in the New Year than with a middle-of-the-road, RnB tune featuring a man who had that one feature on a Fifth Harmony song, and a man who went on to obliterate every feature he had in 2018.

Full disclosure: I was respectably sloshed that night. Between a family dinner at my aunt’s house, and an impromptu attempt to enjoy smoke-related paraphernalia in my backyard with best friends, New Year’s Eve 2017 was a grind. As with most holiday celebrations, I elect to spend my nights exclusively with loved ones. If that means charming a Tita here, or taking tequila shots back-to-back with cousins there, so be it. Simply put, I will make time for the people who have made time for me in the past. That being said, one has to accept that not everyone you shared an experience with earlier that same year is still going to be there come New Year’s Eve. Meaning:

A) the girl you made small talk with once or twice a month at your local barber shop might be cuffed now

B) the childhood friend you ran into on the Skytrain that one summer night never texted to meetup for drinks again and

C) the doggo you pet one time on that Tinder date has ghosted you because their owner has ghosted you because Millennial Dating

And that, my friends, is when the combination of alcohol, nostalgia, and FEELINGS hit. It hits so hard that the only remedy is the sweet, sweet release of an interpolated Tamia chorus about still fucking with your ex. Or, I was just too tired to pick a new song and just let the Spotify recs run all the way down to DAY26.

(The latter. Definitely the latter.)

74,863 minutes

That’s 59% more than last year. Talk about overachieving.

My Asian parents would be so proud. Extra bowl of rice for me tonight!

Top Artist: LANY (102 hours)

Staying on brand, I was excited to learn that LANY was 2018’s most streamed artist in the Philippines! Nobody hates Filipinos like fellow Filipinos, so it’s a rare treat to be able to share a W with my people!

LANY’s sophomore effort Malibu Nights is my favourite album of 2018. Granted, High School Kevin would never have openly admitted his AOTY. Instead, he would have created an objective ranking of the year’s best LPs. However, 2018 was all about growth, so Grown-Ass Kevin full-sends.

  • Waviest Song: Let Me Know
  • Best Synths: Taking Me Back
  • Most Likely To Be Played @ Celebrities: If You See Her
  • Most Likely To Be Covered By PARTYNEXTDOOR: Run
  • Best Shower Anthem: I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore
  • Song Kavinsky Would Probably Link Lara Jean: Thick And Thin
  • Most Likely To Simp: Valentine’s Day
  • Goes Hardest In The Whip: Thru These Tears
  • Song Of The Year: Malibu Nights

Pop Rap & Scorpio

As a Libra, I feel the inherent need to balance both pop and rap, respectively. This is precisely why most of my playlists are 50% Drake and 50% Frank Ocean.

This led to Spotify recognizing that I have listened to more Scorpio artists than any other star sign in 2018. It really be God’s Plan, sometimes.



Here’s to another 4,523 discoveries, bops, and memories! 2019 – let’s get this mf pandesal!