Reuniting, partying and that Gig.

15-03-2019 21:03

I’m writing this VERY behind scheduele, however I have a bank statement and some photos of which have aided piecing together another shambolic “budget” week, but a bloody good one!! A week that bought my best friend to Bristol for one night only- and what a night it was- a breakfast meet up and the big one Massive Attack!!! Of course with such a line up of events I was set to fail straight away, although as we were leaving for Cornwall on the Sunday a food shop was not required this week!

The week started off like all weeks, with work and no spending. I will note however, the sun was shining and really shining. I was out and about walking with my smoothie in hand, (made simply with apple juice, 1 banana and some frozen mango- last weeks Aldi shop!) whilst others were taking the sunshine seriously and wearing shorts and flip-flops!! (This is the last week of Febuary I’m talking about not April!)

Wednesday was the day I was anticipating, it could not come quick enough, I was out the door of work as soon as my shift finished running home awaiting my girls arrival! Once she arrived and was through the door it was big hugs, a super speedy catch-up and out the door to the pub to meet with others within 15 minutes!!! Due to the sunshine we wanted to get to a beer garden before the sun went down, after-all it was still Febuary! We took a trip to King Street-The street to be when it is sunny- Onto the Riverstation where the sun finally tucked away for the evening. Now the sun was back in hiding we found shelter inside eventually ending up in Clifton for 1!! On returning home filled with beer but no food and time cracking on, there was only one thing for it….takeway!! Thinking ahead we pre-ordered in the taxi home ready to get back with just the right amount of time to get the jammies on and cosy up with trash T.V. These are the nights I miss most with this girl!! I was conscious but not too conscious of spends spending at least £25 (still under weekly budget!).

Sunset view from Riverstation
My girl. 💛

Then came Saturday, Saturday March 2nd. A day that was always going to cost MONEY!!! Not only had a planned a breakfast catch-up out but the evening was reserved for Massive Attack!! For Breakfast I went to The Craft Egg in the area of Stokes croft. The cafe was extremely busy and we thought we were being early meeting at 9:30. Originally we hoped to g the Old Bristolian, however this was full so we ended up at the Crafty Egg, of which was turing over tables rapidly and space was very limited. Catching up with friends was amazing of course, however the breakfast not so much. I spent £10.45 on a flat white and Avo with poached egg on toast, which is about the same as other places I have been. I was much looking forward to this however unfortunately it was unimaginative. Lacking in any sort of flavour bar an undertone of banana. Perhaps it was my fault for not opting for their specialty, afghan eggs. I think even the image lacks any inspiration.

Then came the real spending. As it was a group of girls including my housemate and my sister going, it was only right that we started the evening with a celebratory bottle of Prosecco. To Slug and Lettuce we went, not normally a first choice, but the weather was nice so we wanted to be outside and we know that it is fairly cheap compared with the rest of Bristol. The bottle of £19.95 between us, once our heads were filled with fizz it was time to catch the bus. The event was running a shuttle bus from the center to the site at a price of £10, however we were savvy and went with a First bus purchasing day riders for £5 ( mine was slightly cheaper thanks to working at a uni and having access to a student card). Before boarding the 75 we obviously had to make a supermarket stop for some cans of G&T to keep us occupied on the 45 minute bus ride.

The site was set like a mini festival, a huge marquee hosting the main act, with surrounding tents housing plenty of food vendours and bars. At places like this you expect to pay more than normal for anything and everything. A pint of Carlsberg was priced at £5, Brooklyn at £6, Thatchers was £5 and a bottle of water was priced at the affordable price of £2.50!!! The gig itself was amazing, once Massive Attack brought their presence to the stage. Before that however it was very cold and there was just an undertone from a DJ for 2 hours to “warm up” the crowd. Unfortunately the crowd was also slightly disappointing, We were stood near a man of which was moving around the music, arms flaying, having a great time but people around were quick to have an aggressive word and tell him to cam down. Our reaction was to surround the guy who’s experience was being ruined by people who clearly either don’t like gig environments or should be at the back. We jumped around and had a great time, tot he annoyance of those stood around!

After the gig there was temptation to go out and carry on the party, but once waiting for a bus and then doing the bus journey all we could think about was food. We wanted good food and thankfully TakaTaka was open. A greek gyros cafe, that serves magic rolls! This is the kind of establishment of which you would go to sober in an afternoon. With a huge variey of fillings to cater for most dietry requirements and plenty of fresh salad. My wrap came to £6 and was worth every penny! The total spent after a few drinks, food and a bus journey was about £60!! However it was a one off weekend!

Coach trip.

Without a hangover due to making it to bed at a reasonable hour, Sunday morning was spent cleaning, packing and getting ready to catch the coach to the Duchy!! Yes Kernow!! I would have preferred to be catching the train straight from Bristol however this was not an option due to rail works and cost! So coach it was. The journey was not to bad, Tom and I managed to grab a meal deal from Tesco on the way for our lunch, living the high life! The coach arrived in Plymouth early so we had an hour to spare here. At first I was worried as I remember previous stops at Plymouth coach station, most miserable times of my life. The station was dated, with lifeless shops. No matter what time of day/day of the week I had been there the shutters were never up! It was cold, to far from the center to be able to get a coffee and the ground was made of cigarette butts instead of tarmac! Thankfully the station has now moved, is central so can easliy pop to grab a coffee, a pasty even a pint in between coaches. The station itself is modern and owned by National Express. Seeing the improvement to the this facility almost made my journey!! With our one hour, as we were on holiday, naturally we found ourselves in a pub!! We lucked out as the pub was part of the group that Tom works for so we got the discount, bonus. Once our pallettes were quenched we got the coach that was Falmouth bound!! Time for a week filled with pasties and cider, placed by the seaside.