Sudan Massacre

12-06-2019 17:06


If you were unaware of what’s been happening in Sudan due to lack of media coverage I’m going to provide a the information I’ve obtained.


Sudan has been run by a dictator Omar Bashir for the last 30 years. Bashir stepped down this past April. The Government decided that Sudan would have a transitional Government for the next 2 years. The Transitional Government would be led by the Transitional Military Council until a new leader has been elected.

The Transitional Military Council has only been in control for the last 2 months. The people of Sudan decided to have a 2 month long peaceful protest of sitting in an effort to demand a Civilian Rule. Everything had been seemingly going well until last week. Last week Rapid Support Forces militia, also known as janjaweed attacked the demonstrators with acts of violence including shooting..

It has been estimated that there has been over 100 deaths, more than 650 people injured, 1,000 or more people missing, and about 700 people were arrested. There has been countless reports of children, women, and men being raped.  It has also been reported that the Government blacked out the internet (same thing done during the Mike Brown protest), which is part of the reason why many people were unaware of what’s been happening in Sudan.

Now that you are aware, please spread the word so the citizens of Sudan can possibly get the assistance they need via the media!