Today in History December 6th

06-12-2018 20:12

Eight months after the end of the Civil War, the 13th amendment is ratified by the required number of states, abolishing slavery in the US. Its passage was secured after intense lobbying by President Abraham Lincoln, whose Emancipation Proclamation had declared slaves free, but their status after the war was still uncertain.


The stop-motion animation special airs on NBC as part of General Electric’s ‘Fantasy Hour.’ Created by Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass and filmed in Japan, the show will become a holiday classic for generations, moving to CBS in 1972.


Schindler’s List hits theaters. Famed director Steven Spielberg recently said that audiences could gain more out of watching his 1993 holocaust movie “Schindler’s List” today more than any other time thanks to the current political climate.

Sorry the list is short this week, with two broken arms this is all I could peck out.