Wendy Williams steps out with new 27-year-old ex-convict boyfriend

13-06-2019 04:06

Popular American television host, Wendy Williams has stepped out with her new boyfriend, Marc Tomblin several weeks after her separation from her husband.


Months ago, Wendy Williams announced she would be ending her marriage of 22 years with Kevin Hunter.


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Wendy Williams is currently processing a divorce from her estranged husband. The couple fell out after Kevin had a baby with his fitness trainer Sharina Hudson months ago.


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Their separation led to Kevin being kicked off as an executive producer of her show after so many years.


Well, Kevin is set to receive the sum of $10million dollars from her as their divorce case continues. He recently got into a fight with their 18-year old son.


According to reports, her new boyfriend is a 27-year old with a criminal past (aggravated robbery). She met him in LA and flew him over to NYC and has been splurging on him.


When asked about her relationship with the youngster, the talk show host said: “I do what I want”.


Watch the video below: