UK Deploys Second Warship In Persian Gulf Amid Tension With Iran

12-07-2019 15:07


Type 45 air-defence destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) photographed by Brian Burnell inbound to Portsmouth Naval Base at 09.38 GMT on 17 June 2016.

The UK is increasing its military presence in the Persian Gulf by deploying a second warship in the region, which is witnessing mounting tension.

The BBC reported on July 12 that HMS Duncan, a Type 45 Destroyer, will move from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf where it will join Type 23 Frigates HMS Montrose by the next week.

“As part of our long-standing presence in the Gulf, HMS Duncan is deploying to the region to ensure we maintain a continuous maritime security presence while HMS Montrose comes off task for pre-planned maintenance and crew changeover,” a government spokesman said, according to the BBC, and added: “This will ensure that the UK, alongside international partners, can continue to support freedom of navigation for vessels transiting through this vital shipping lane.”

The deployment of HMS Duncan in the Persian Gulf comes amid high-tension between the UK and Iran. Earlier this month, Britain’s Royal Navy seized an Iranian supertanker, Grace 1, off the shores of Gibraltar calming that it was violating sanctions on Syria.

Later the tension increased, when the UK claimed that the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) tried to take control of the British oil tanker as it passed through the Strait of Hormuz. Iran denied these claims with the IRGC saying that any steps towards the UK will be announced.

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