Draft Lottery Draws Biggest Audience Ever

16-05-2019 11:05

It might have been Zion. It might have been the relevance of the New York Knicks. Whatever the case, ESPN has reason to be very happy with the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

This year’s edition was the most watched in the event’s history. It averaged a 3.9 rating in metered markets, peaking at a 4.3 in the final segment.

The ratings growth was off the charts. ESPN saw a 77% increase from last year. Star power definitely played a role, but so did a shortened run time. The 2018 Draft Lottery was a hour-long show. The runtime was shortened to half an hour for 2019.

The previous record for the NBA Draft Lottery was set in 2015. The event hit a 3.2 rating that year. 2019’s number represents a 22% increase for the record.