Metro’s Tuesday AM Commute: Expect possible service delays out of Redmond & Renton this morning due to blockages; Use new Sammamish Community Ride service plus…

25-06-2019 12:06

The elevator at the Westbound stop on SR 520 at the Evergreen Point Freeway Station is out of service.

Westbound transit riders who require the use of an elevator can plan ahead to board or exit SR 520 transit service at the Clyde Hill/Yarrow Point Freeway Station instead.

The elevator at the eastbound Evergreen Point stop is operating.

Depending on their starting points, direction and time of travel, and destinations, westbound transit riders who need to be able to use the elevator at Evergreen Point can also transfer at Montlake, the University of Washington Link station or in the University District to Metro routes 167, 271 or 277, or Sound Transit Express routes 540, 541, 542, 555 or 556, or in downtown Seattle to Metro routes 252, 255, 257, 268 or 311, or Sound Transit Express Route 545, to return to the eastbound Evergreen Point Freeway Station for elevator access.

Every effort is being made to restore elevator service as soon as possible.

Trailhead Direct launches expanded service to popular hiking destinations along I-90

Trailhead Direct is a seasonal service that operates on weekends and holidays between April and October during the hiking season.

Four Trailhead Direct routes provide service to the Issaquah Alps, Cougar Mountain, Mount Si & Mt Teneriffe and Mailbox Peak trailheads.

Riding Trailhead Direct requires payment of a regular Metro fare in both directions with cash, ORCA or the Transit GO mobile app.

Hike safely. Take plenty of water. Let someone know where you are going, and be aware that cell service availability may be limited.

Events Reroutes

Magnolia Farmers Market

  • Saturdays only, through 11/23, 7:00 AM–4:00 PM
  • Metro Route 31 will be rerouted with all regular stops served.

Long-term Bus Stop Closure

Buses are not serving the stop northbound on 35th Av SW at SW Avalon Way

  • Sat, 5/11-Until further notice; at all times.
  • Riders may board or exit at the temporary stop
    eastbound on SW Avalon Way just east of 35th Av SW.
  • Rts 21 E, 21 L, 50, 55, DART 773 & the RapidRide C Line are affected.

Long-term Construction Reroute

Buses are rerouted off a portion of NW Market St & NW 54 St

  • Tue, 5/7 – for approximately 10 months;
  • At all times;
  • Rt 17 is affected.

Text for departures
At – or on your way to – your stop, text your transit stop ID to 62550 to find out when the next transit service is scheduled at your stop.

Try Metro’s new ride-hailing app for on-demand service between Eastgate P&R and nearby neighborhoods
A new ride-hailing app for on-demand service is available for transit riders who would normally travel short distances for transit connections to or from the Eastgate park and ride and destinations in  Seattle, the University District, Bellevue and Issaquah.

Use the Android or iOS smartphone apps or schedule rides in advance by calling 866-750-5057.

Metro is hiring.  Apply today.

We are here weekdays from 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM to help keep an Eye on your Metro Commute.