23-05-2019 09:05


So I am back with a cool story for you,and at the start it will be very boring and we will be traveling for 2 hours to Cambodia. So let’s get started.

Day 1 in Cambodia

I did it I told you the day. We went through airport security and got on the plane. But when we got on the plane there was only about 20 people on our plane,so I asked to sit up front. They said yes so I moved away from mum dad and Jemima. But dibs went to and sat two seats up from me. On the plus side of things when I got off the plane the airport was very nice. So we got into our tuk tuk and went to our hotel. When we got there they had us reserved but there was a slight problem they were not G and Z hotel so we called our hotel and got there. That night we went to dinner at little Korma. The food there is great. It was our favourite.

Day 2 In Cambodia – we did a 3 hour walk

Day 2 was a rough day for me because, we went to the market and it was sooooooooooo HOT. Mum thought there was a temple near by. So we headed for that. We got right at the place it said on the map then……….. We had gone the opposite way. We needed to go right but we went left. So we walked back to the temple which was not as good as we thought it would be. The day could have gone better but we got back and had a swim and went to have a very nice dinner at the same place because the food there is amazing.

Day 3-Angkor Wat

Today we have got our bearings and before we start teaching we are going to the biggest religious temple in the world. It is called Angkor Wat. There are many temple near Angkor Wat and they are all 900 years old. The history is told on the sides of the walls. On the wall there is the King of Cambodia. The king of Cambodia was over thrown by the prince and the prince decided to build Angkor Wat. Did you know that the meaning Angkor Wat means city of temples. Now after we finished all the temples we came home and I had a cold shower and relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner.

Day 4-teaching

Today our family is volunteering to teach English to kids in Cambodia. We are doing this through Growing Cambodia. Growing Cambodia is an Australian charity that teachers kids English for free. It is a non government organisation. The day started when we got to the school and introduced ourselves. The students would always say “hello teacher how are you today.” Then the teacher told them to sit down and they said thank you teacher. We went around and helped. Their subject for today was the letter L. They had to write down the words starting with the letter L. The school was a small temple with a white board and desks. They had just got a new white BORD for there class room. There are 3 levels depending on how good their English is. The student’s are so polite. After the classes were over we went home and had a swim and went to dinner at little Korma.

Day 5-more teaching

We are doing more teaching and I am sooooo excited because we brought smelling stickers for all the kids, as well as 24packs of pencils. All the kids looked very exited when we brought out the smelly sticker and pencils. The first class they learning their colours. The second class was learning about their fruits. The last class was learning about vegetables. We had 5min left so we played what’s the time Mr wolf. The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. We came back and had a swim and was refreshed and ready to teach from 5pm to 7:00pm. We taught the older children tonight, aged between 14-18years old. I was a little nervous because, they were older then me. But in the end I had a lot of fun. The first class I sat back and just helped with the spelling of the words but then the class was spelling words like international and I did not know how to spell it so I was a bit confused and all the children thought it was funny. The second class I got to help and teach with the kids. The subject was what you do and need o get married. When their school ended we went home.

Day 6-soup kitchen

Today we went to the soup kitchen called Touch a Life. The soup kitchens is were kids can get lunch for free. They come there because they don’t have enough money To buy dinner or lunch. They come here and get their food for them and their family. Mavis is the person who is the head of the organisation. We were the first people there and we started choping carrots. Then some more people came in and they were Australian. I had just grated my thum so I started copping beans instead. Then 2 more people came and they were Australian as well. Then 1 more came and he was Australia as well, and then 2 more came but they were Chinese and they were very nice and I had a good conversation with them. After we chopped up everything they gave us a lot more. After the chopping we put the soup in the bags and then it was time to served lunch all the kids, they were very happy. After all the kids had finished they went but a few stayed to help. We helped washed up and then we went home.

Day 7 the last

The last day we did not do much. Today we went to a pasty cafe which was amazing. What they do is get 20 kids with really good baking skills and they attend a school for baking for the year. It was a long walk to the cafe, when I mean long walk I mean 45 minutes.

When we got there I decided what I was going to eat. I did like the look of the chocolate truffle but the moose stole my heart, I love moose. The moose is made with white chocolate moose and on the bottom there was a chocolate moose and there was bits of biscuits on it with chocolate on the top. Everyone except mum and I got cake. I got a passion fruit juice and mum got a lime juice that I thought looked delicious. After our wonderful food we went back to the hotel and had are last dinner at little Koma.

Shut up and check out my mouse!!!

Day 8 on a night bus

On day 8 we caught a bus to Bangkok. So we get a tuk tuk to the bus place and I hop on with mum and dad and dibs and of course Jemima. While on the bus bus trip I listened to the second hunger games catching fire, I recommend theses books.

It was a very long bus trip. We got to the border and had to cross into Thailand to finish our bus ride. We got into the line and then mum was told we needed a 2nd copy of our visa that she had thrown out. We all had to get out of the line and mum had to hot spot internet from a complete stranger and got an email out and then she realised that she had made a mistake – phew we were ok. We got through the border to Thailand and got back on the bus and finished our bus ride. And when we were in Bangkok it was the coronation of the new king.

Day 9 leaving bancok

We left Thailand at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. Because we had to stay up at until 12 we had a sleep. My mum put us in one room because it was cheaper. We watched the movie National Lampoons European vacation n preparation for our second leg of our trip. The movie was so funny. After that we got ready for the airport. We walked 7km to the train station as we could not get a taxi because of the Kings Coronation it was really hot and we had 2 packs on and going up the stairs to cross each road was exhausting.

Not a person or car anywhere – thanks king!

We waited at the airport for 4 hours and we got a ice cream then we got on the plane and took off. I will miss South East Asia.