Are we transmuting into our StarSeed Aspect Beings?!?!

23-05-2019 05:05



A breakdown of my electronics necessitated a technology upgrade for my phone and when I decided to check out my  new camera with  a selfie , the images that stared back at me had me puzzled ( pic below). I looked nothing like my usual self…instead ( a slightly scary alien) Feline Like Andromdean Aspect  is what I saw in ALL the images that I had clicked!!

My kids knowing my tech prowess ( rather the lack of it!!) though I had inadvertently pressed some enhancing feature on my new camera…but when they checked it was on normal mode…no enhancement app had been used!!! We ALL have multiple Star Origions……it is happening?!?!? …are we transforming into our various StarSeed Aspects?!?!?…. Are we moving towards a Starfleet like community like in  StarTrek/ Starwars….?!?!?

Another aspect that has been coming up for a while but is NOW getting too frequent and pronounced to ignore is the ” Scrambling” of Sound Waves  which reaches my ears in a normal conversation with others ( when I leave my cave and interact with the outside world). I  can ” See” that the person is talking to me…but the sound that reaches my ears is makes NO SENSE!!!….and I have to “infer” what the person is possibly saying by reading the energy of the situation and facial / body expressions!! It can be quite embarrassing to have to keep asking the person to repeat their words/ response and running chores is becoming increasingly difficult….though I’ve always had support at times like this..though totally run  the risk of appearing to be Deaf or simply “OFF” to the other person  !!! Could this be the beginning of the process of language as we know it getting obsolete and Us moving to more “elegant/ telepathic” means of communication?!?!

So that’s the fillup on the ” Fact just got stranger than Fiction Aspect”…for NOW👽 and for the rest of the upgrades we are currently undergoing the focus is back on the Ascension Chakra known as the Mouth of God at the base of the scalp making a painful triangle with the shoulders and base of neck/ top of Spine. The periodic activation/ upgrade of this Chakra brings us deep deep rememberance of our Origions, wisdom, gifts, skills and Purpose. This is accompanied by a REWIRING of our energetic circuitry which means our Spine will be aching and breaking ( top, middle and lower) in various segments till the upgrades are established in Neurons/ DNA.

Solar Plexus too on upgrade as we NOW need to upgrade our Actions in alignment with the reveal of deeper information wrt our purpose and skills/ gifts.

And to think we made it to the front seat rows of this greatest cosmic adventure….Blessed Indeed!!!

( Pls note I don’t really look this alien feline being ( Yet!!) …but it’s interesting what new technology is revealing Now…)



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