Holly Willoughby in tears on This Morning as a blind fan of Manchester United, 10, gets surprise

12-02-2019 13:02

A young Manchester United fan has had the opportunity to be a mascot when England will face the Czech Republic next month.

Declan Bitmead had the surprise of Tuesday morning when he spoke of his appearance in another ITV show This Time Next Year which will air tonight.

The 10-year-old child lost his sight and 96% of his skin at the age of seven after a rare condition left him blind.

In March 2015, Declan was diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed the amoxicillin antibiotic, but had a severe allergic reaction that left him in intensive care for three weeks.

Declan, who appeared in the program with his mom Ashleigh Bitmead, was about to talk about his appearance at another ITV show This Time Next Year

It has been revealed as Steven-Johnson syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal skin condition that affects the tongue and eyes and causes the skin of the sufferers.

During his time in This Time Next Year, which is hosted by Davina McCall, viewers will see the boy receiving a message from Man Utd and the English footballer Jesse Lingard, as well as showing him a VIP day at Old Trafford.

But determined to further impress Declan, this morning's team had another surprise on their sleeves, leaving him stunned and showing Holly Willoughby in tears.

Phillip was thrilled to give Declan the news of football

Phillip Schofield told Declan: "The FA is inviting you to be a mascot for England's Euro 2020 qualifying match against the Czech Republic at Wembley on March 22nd.

"Come out with one of the three lions' stars in front of 90,000 spectators, how does it make you feel?"

While Declan, from London, who appeared on schedule with her mother Ashleigh Bitmead, was left speechless and with a smile from one ear to the other, Holly could not contain her emotions.

After co-host Phil handed her paper towels, dabbing her eyes, Mom said, "I'm sorry, it was your face when we told you, it was so beautiful."

Holly Willoughby was reduced to tears after leaving Declan in the secret of being a great game mascot next month

Despite the diagnosis, Declan's love for football has never gone away.

The appearance of Declan in This Time Next Year sees him learning to play blind football, where everyone puts blind folds and have rattles inside the balls.

He said that going back to football was "pretty good" and that "as long as I can play football, I do not mind".

This Time Next Year is on ITV, tonight at 8:00 pm and This Morning airs on weekdays at 10.30am