talkSPORT host Jason Cundy hits the star of the Arsenal for the celebration of the pathetic & # 39; against Rennes

15-03-2019 14:03

& # 39; grow! & # 39;

International Gabon wore a mask inspired by the Hollywood movie "Black Panther" after scoring his second goal in a 3-0 victory

Jason Cundy told Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to "grow up" after wearing a mask to celebrate his suit against Rennes.

The Gabon striker led the Gunners to a 3-0 victory, reversing a two-goal deficit and advancing to the Europa League quarter-finals.

The Aubameyang festival caused a sensation

The Aubameyang festival caused a sensation

After the third goal of the Arsenal, Aubameyang celebrated wearing a mask inspired by the Hollywood film of 2018 "Black Panther".

He later claimed that it was a celebration of his national identity, with the Gabon national team nicknamed the Panthers, however, the host guest of CORTY was puzzled.

"Maybe I'm a stranger to today's footballers," said Chelsea's former striker.

"What would bother me, if I were a fan of the Arsenal, is that the game is not over. Rennes just needs another goal to bring it to extra time.

"The first thing he does is look behind the advertising cards for a mask. Behave yourself, grow up.

"This is a serious competition and you're looking for a mask and a mask. It looked like something from Only Fools and Horses.

"What a pathetic thing to do."

Arsenal was awarded for his heroism on Thursday night with a difficult quarter-final draw against Napoli.

And if they should win, or Villarreal or Valencia await them in the semifinals.


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Meanwhile, Chelsea have a much simpler path to the final after being drawn against Slavia Prague over the last eight.

A semi-final against Benfica or Frankfurt will be the next in case the Blues progress.