19 May 19
Mr Eurovision Australia

19 May 2019 Duncan Laurence with Arcade played the winning game as Netherlands won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv – their first win in 44 years. It’s a triumph for a nice song, nicely presented, nicely sung and for a nice guy. After the jury vote, Sweden led on 239 points to […]

19 May 19
News Archives Uk

The changes to the National Rail timetable in the UK begin today and affect the routes between Devon and Cornwall. As part of the annual revision of the services, which take place every year in May and December, modifications and additional trains are offered on some routes. Passengers are asked to check this before shaking. […]

19 May 19
There's Something About KM

I’ve given another Bookstore + Bar the accolade of “one of the happiest places on Earth,” and I’m here now to say that that is a blanket statement I’m giving to all bookstores doubling as bars (and vice versa). This is because I finally visited Quill Books & Beverage in Westbrook, Maine for the first […]

19 May 19

Chinese Medicine [TCM] If you know where and how to look, Chinese herbal medicine is an excellent source of modern medicine and therapeutic cosmetics. For those unfamiliar with it, Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] is mysterious and full of “mumbo jumbo” because its theory and practice are immersed in esoteric terms. Terms Qu Feng [wind drive],…

Healthy skin – how herbal medicine can benefit your skin was originally published on China