271st Infantry Regiment

16 May 19
Chevrons and Diamonds

One of the Chevrons and Diamonds projects that is presently underway centers on researching and documenting the history of one of the European Theater of Operations (ETO) World Series championship contending teams; the Blue and Grays of the 29th Infantry Division (ID). Fueled by the acquisition of an artifacts grouping from a veteran of the 29th ID’s baseball team (see: European Theater Baseball […]

01 Apr 19
U S Military History

April 1, 1967 – The Battle of Ap Gu occurred during 31 March and 1 April 1967 during Operation Junction City, a search and destroy mission by American military forces in Tay Ninh Province of South Vietnam, to the west of the capital Saigon. The battle near the border with Cambodia left 609 Viet Cong […]

23 Mar 19
U S Military History

March 23, 1966 – Operation Silver City was an operation conducted by the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Biên Hòa Province, lasting from 7 to 23 March 1966. Operation Silver City was planned as a sweep of the southwestern sector of War Zone D by the 1st Brigade, 1st […]

22 Mar 19
Weapons and Warfare

A 3rd Armored Division crewman with a .30-caliber machine gun mounted on an M3 “Stuart” light tank fires on enemy troops in the woods flanking a highway near Leipzig, April 17, 1945. Although the war was nearly over, some Germans stubbornly resisted, preferring death to dishonor. Seemingly being watched by displeased Germanic statues, a 69th […]

24 Feb 19
U S Military History

February 24, 1968 – Operation Yellowstone was an operation conducted by the 1st and 3rd Brigades, 25th Infantry Division in northeast Tây Ninh Province, lasting from 8 December 1967 to 24 February 1968. Northern Tây Ninh Province contained the largest People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and Viet Cong (VC) base areas in III Corps, providing […]

21 Feb 19
U S Military History

February 21, 1967 – Operation Gadsden was an operation conducted by the 25th Infantry Division in Tây Ninh Province, lasting from 2 to 21 February 1967 Operation Gadsden was planned as a deception operation ahead of Operation Junction City. The 25th Infantry Division would seek to engage the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) 271st Regiment […]

23 Dec 18
Weapons and Warfare

133rd Tank Brigade’s had nearly 17 heavy KV tanks. At the start of the battle on September 13, 1942, the 62nd Army had some 105 tanks (78 T-34s, 17 KV-1s and ten T-70s) in Stalingrad: in the city south of the Tsaritsa were the 26th and 133rd Tank Brigades with 35 tanks. In the central […]

02 May 18
Jemima Fawr's Miniature Wargames Blog

Historical Overview The village of Grimbosq is a small and rather unremarkable village sandwiched between a large forest and the steep banks of the River Orne.  A rural farming community, its peace had previously only been disturbed by the train line running north from Thury-Harcourt. It was an unlikely place to become the focus of […]